FIRST LOOK: Titleist launches new CNCPT CP-03 and CP-04 irons

Jonathan Wall

Titleist’s new CNCPT irons will cost you ($500-per-head sticker prices), but they’re made with rare, high-end materials, and they’re designed for golfers who want the ultimate speed — no matter the price.

“It’s part of the panache,” said Josh Talge, the VP of marketing at Titleist. “They’re not for everyone, but if you truly want the best performance, it’s here.”

When Titleist began making its first-edition CNCPT irons, which launched in 2019, the company’s R&D team was given the ultimate freedom to make the best irons they could. Any materials and manufacturing processes were allowed. The result was its CNCPT CP-01 and CP-02 irons that used hollow-cavity designs, loads of Tungsten, and an exotic “Super Metal” in its forged face inserts.

Now, Titleist is expanding the CNCPT iron lineup with two brand-new models called the CP-03 and CP-04.

Like the CP-01 and CP-02 irons, the new hollow-bodied CP-03 and CP-04 irons are made with “Super Metal L-Face” inserts to go along with cast 17-4 bodies. Apparently, the super metal is precious enough that Titleist can’t reveal what it’s called, but the company says it’s “almost six times stronger” than carbon steel. With metal that strong, it allows Titleist’s designers to go super thin on the face to create higher ball speeds without losing durability.

The CP-03 and the CP-04 irons also both have over 100 grams of Tungsten on average in each head; the high-density material helps drag CG (center of gravity) low and rearward in the heads to maximize launch and spin.

Jonathan Wall

Titleist says that the CP-03 iron head, classified as a “progressive midsize muscleback,” is a similar shape to its popular T100 irons. The CP-03 models are for golfers who want a blend of distance and control.

Jonathan Wall

The CP-04 irons, on the other hand, are made for more distance and forgiveness, so they’re a bit larger in size. Titleist compares the CP-04 shape to the original CP-01 shape.

For golfers who still want an even smaller package than the CP-03 and CP-04, Titleist is continuing to offer its CP-02 blade-style irons with thinner toplines and less offset. Titleist says the look, feel and performance of the irons (CP-02, CP-03 and CP-04) makes for a “seamless transition” for golfers who want to mix-and-match the models to create a combo set.

If you’re interested in purchasing the CNCPT irons, they’re available for $500 per iron as of Sept. 24 at 100 specialists nationwide, and at 200 selected retail locations.’s Senior Equipment Editor Andrew Tursky (2 handicap), and 8AM Golf content creator DJ Lantz (0 handicap) pitted the CP-03 and CP-04 irons up against their gamers at True Spec Golf in Scottsdale. Tursky and Lantz each hit two golf balls with their gamer irons and then two balls with both the CP-03 and CP-04 irons. Watch the video below to see the results.

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