FIRST LOOK: Cobra Aerojet hybrids and irons help you hit it closer

Cobra aerojet iron hybrids 2023

New for 2023: Cobra Aerojet hybrids and irons.


When it comes to hybrids and irons, you need the right combination of speed and control, because distance isn’t helpful if you don’t know where the ball is going.

With the new Aerojet hybrids and irons, Cobra engineers have brought driver technology to your scoring clubs along with improved forgiveness and stability to help you hit it higher, hit it closer, and stop it faster.

AEROJET Hybrid & AEROJET Hybrid ONE-Length Cobra Puma Golf

Aerojet hybrids

There is a reason OEMs strategically produce lines of clubs rather than randomly throwing models into the marketplace — because much of the technology present in drivers can be refined down the line to offer consistent performance benefits to golfers.

cobra aerojet line of clubs
Cobra’s entire Aerojet line shares similar technologies Cobra Golf

Hybrids are possibly the most important part of this puzzle since they bridge the gap from the larger fairway woods down to the irons and designers have to cram a lot of tech into a smaller head shape — the Aerojet hybrids, its mission accomplished.

Think of the Aerojet hybrids as mini versions of the Aerojet driver, with PWRSHELL H.O.T. FACE and PWR-Bridge technology for added distance and improved performance through CoG refinement. To help get the most face flex in a smaller package the Cobra hybrids don’t come with an adjustable hosel but come in all the required lofts to help any golfer find the right combination into their irons.

Speaking of lofts, the Aerojet hybrid is available in 2H (17o), 3H (19o), 4H (21o), 5H (24o), and 6H (28o). It also comes in a ONE-Length model available in 3H (19o), 4H (21o), 5H (24o). Both come with KBS PGI premium aftermarket shafts.

Cobra Aerojet Hybrids

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Retail and pricing information

Aerojet hybrids are individually priced at $279, and like the drivers and fairway woods will be available in retail shops and for purchase online starting Feb. 9.

Aerojet & Aerojet ONE-Length Irons Cobra Puma Golf

Aerojet Irons

Last and far from least is the new Aerojet iron, designed for players who not only want added forgiveness, but an iron that cranks out additional distance in much the same manner as the Aerojet woods do.

Aerojet iorns cobra 2023
Cobra Aerojet irons Cobra Golf

The nomenclature is much the same here, too — the irons come with PWR-Bridge technology that consists of a 70g steel weight that is completely separated from the face, body and sole of the iron. This specific design feature positions the CG low to optimize launch and creates the needed space for the body structure to flex freely resulting in more ball speed and added distance.

But wait, there’s still more. In addition to the PWR-Bridge, the irons also come with PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face technology for an even faster ball speed (Cobra tested these irons against its own LTDx irons and saw an increase of 10% more deflection resulting in upwards of 3.5 more yards per strike.)

The Aerojet irons come in a 5-GW set or a 4-PW set, as well as a graphite combo set in 5H, 6-PW, GW.  Each steel option comes standard in premium aftermarket KBS Tour Lite 100 shafts.

The stock graphite offering is an aftermarket KBS PGI (Also available in a ONE-Length option as well as an Aerojet women’s offering in a silver and ice blue colorway.)

Cobra Aerojet irons

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Retail and pricing information

The Aerojet irons are priced $999 for steel and $1099 for graphite in their stock set configurations. The irons, along with the full Aerojet line will be available in retail shops and for purchase online starting Feb. 9.

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