Hone your short game from home with these 6 perfect training aids

Training aids

Use these training aids to improve your golf game at home.

The weather is starting to cool down around that country, and that means the golf season is coming to an end for many of us. But the good news is that you don’t need to be outdoors to continue to improve  — especially when it comes to your short game.

There are loads of training aids to buy that can help you perfect your skills around the green, even from home. Check out six of our favorites below, and while you’re shopping, take a scroll through the rest of the items on offer in GOLF’s Pro shop.

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Callaway Short Game Set

This Short Game Set from Callaway is a 3-in-1 practice set that features a FT Launch Zone hitting mat, a Triple Chip chipping net and HX Practice Balls. The turf hitting mat emulates that of a real fairway and the balls mimic actual ball flight.
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Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Two target holes, one regulation and one reduced size, help train your for greater accuracy on the greens. Train-tracks alignment lines get you lined up properly on every putt.
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Callaway Alignment Stix

These shock-corded rods are adjustable to help you determine correct alignment, proper swing path and ideal ball position. 
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Callaway Executive Putting

This putting mat from Callaway is a great tool for indoor putting practice. It features a removable putting cup, which is slightly smaller than regulation size, and an eight foot putting surface, made from premium foam to minimize folds and creases. 
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EyeLine Golf Target Circle Chipping/Putting Training Aid

Create your own games for putting, chipping and pitching with these flexible circles that are thin enough for balls to roll over them easily.
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Callaway Closest To The Pin Game Flagpole & Cup Set

This flagstick from Callaway can stick into any part of your lawn to create a backyard practice area no matter where you are. It includes a three piece steel flagpole, heavy-duty nylon flag, a regulation cup that can fit into a hole you dig and three practice balls. 
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