Titleist is now providing virtual consultations with its golf ball fitters (for free)

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The sheer amount of options in the golf ball market can be overwhelming for golfers who don’t know exactly what they need. Oftentimes, buyers are left confused when looking into the sea of different golf balls at their local pro shop or retail store. Also, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it isn’t as easy to get a proper, in-person golf ball fitting.

Starting today, Titleist’s golf ball fitting experts will be available online every week from Monday through Friday to help out.

“The golf ball is such a critical part of your game – it’s the only piece of equipment you use on every shot – and we’re doing everything we can to reach more and more golfers every year and help them find the Titleist golf ball that fits them best,” said Michael Rich, Senior Manager of Titleist Golf Ball Fitting and Education, in a press release.

As part of the virtual consultation, Titleist fitters will provide an in-depth assessment of each player’s game. Together, they will discuss individual player objectives and preferences, and by the end of the session, the fitter will recommend which Titleist golf ball models to test.

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The virtual fitting sessions are complimentary and scheduled to last up to 30 minutes. If you’re curious about the performance or design of particular Titleist models, or the fitting process in general, now is your time to ask.

The virtual sessions, however, are not designed to replace on-course testing. The consultation will help steer you in the right direction and arm you with greater knowledge, but you will still need to conduct on-course testing to find the perfect ball for you.

“A true golf ball fitting can only happen on the golf course where you can see and feel the differences between golf ball models and gain a real understanding for which one will help you shoot your lowest scores,” Rich said. “Whether we’re working with a golfer in person or online, it’s ultimately up to them to take our recommendations to the course and test the golf balls side-by-side on a variety of different shots, especially into and around the green.”

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