This impossible-to-find Titleist ball carries an astronomical price tag

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The price attached to the Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot is enough to stop any golfer in their tracks.

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Type in the words “Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot” into your favorite search engine and you’ll notice something interesting occurs when the results populate. Images of the Pro V1x Left Dash — a different version Titleist released two years ago — can be found at the top of the search page, but Left Dot images are noticeably absent.

Click on the “Shopping” tab — for those using Google — and a single image of the Left Dot packaging is visible amongst a sea of Left Dash balls. The price next to the image is enough to stop any golfer in their tracks: $300. As in the price you’d pay for a brand-new, high-end putter.

Only this is for a dozen golf balls on eBay.

Before golfers grab their pitchforks and demand answers, it’s important to point out that Titleist didn’t intend on the balls selling for upwards of $50 per sleeve on the secondary market. In fact, Titleist was largely unaware of the significant markup on the Pro V1 variation — Titleist refers to the Left Dot as a CPO (Custom Performance Option) — that was a Tour-only offering until the company recently released the ball in limited quantities to gauge interest and log valuable feedback from recreational players.

pro v1 left dot
FIRST LOOK: Titleist releases limited quantities of Tour-only Pro V1 Left Dot ball
By: Andrew Tursky

Compared to Titleist’s retail Pro V1, the Left Dot has 36 fewer dimples (352 for the Left Dot, 388 for the Pro V1), as well as a different core formulation and casing layer. With the mid irons, golfers can expect to see a shallower descent angle and roughly 200-400 RPM less spin with Left Dot.

“Spin will be most similar off the tee as the current Pro V1 and be most noticeably different (less spin) with full short irons,” said Frederick Waddell, Titleist’s senior golf ball product manager. “It is the lowest flying Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.”

It would be an understatement to say the response to Left Dot has exceeded Titleist’s lofty expectations. The ball used by Jason Dufner, Henrik Stenson, Patrick Reed, Daniel Berger and Tony Finau sold out almost immediately after it went live on Titleist’s website and surfaced at select retail shops, forcing golfers who had aspirations of testing the ball to search for sleeves (and even single balls) online.

Compared to Titleist’s retail Pro V1, the Left Dot has 36 fewer dimples (352 for the Left Dot, 388 for the Pro V1), as well as a different core formulation and casing layer. Titleist

The incredible demand for Pro V1 Left Dot would lead many to assume Titleist is ramping up production for a second run — only that doesn’t appear to be the case. When reached by for comment, a Titleist representative confirmed there are currently no plans to release additional Left Dot balls to the general public.

In other words, if you really want to put Pro V1 Left Dot in your bag, you’re going to need to pay up. A seller recently cashed in on the demand by selling a dozen for $215, which comes out to nearly $18 per ball.

It’s all about supply and demand, and right now demand is winning out in a big way.

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