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How Titleist’s Pro V1x ‘Left Dash’ golf ball differs from the standard version

September 12, 2019

Titleist is introducing a new version of its popular Pro V1x golf ball — only you won’t see it on any retail shelves in the future.

Roughly 80 percent of professional golfers use the Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x currently available to the public, but for a select few who require highly specific launch and spin characteristics, there are three “Custom Performance Option” prototype versions that have remained Tour-only offerings, until now.

Starting Oct. 1, recreational golfers will be able to custom order one of the balls: Pro V1x “Left Dash.” Available through authorized Titleist accounts, the ball is differentiated from the standard version by the dash on the left side of the Pro V1x stamp. Hence, the “Left Dash” name.

Compared to the retail version, which offers a high launch and moderately high spin, the “Left Dash” model generates a similar high launch with less spin.

While most professionals gravitate toward Pro V1x because of the spin it generates, there are a handful of elite amateurs and major winners, including Lucas Glover and Jimmy Walker, who prefer the launch of Pro V1x with a lower spin rate. It’s a subtle recipe tweak some better players will be able to notice and appreciate.

Outside of this elite group, however, the ball doesn’t have a massive following, which is why Titleist has been content to keep it on Tour. With the release of low launch/spin AVX last year, Titleist now has a ball for every conceivable elite player profile.

Of course, there’s always a small group of golfers clamoring to play what the pros have in the bag. With “Left Dash,” they’ll now have the opportunity to try the Tour offering and see if it’s right for their game. Whether the average mid-handicapper can actually tell a difference remains to be seen.

Titleist’s Pro V1x “Left Dash” golf ball retails for $48 per dozen.