FIRST LOOK: Snell Golf relaunches brand with 2 new DTC golf balls

The new for 2023 Snell MTB Prime golf balls

Snell Golf

When it comes to golf balls there are few names in the industry that carry with them a legacy of innovation, but one of those is Dean Snell, of Snell Golf.

After helping innovate the direct-to-consumer (DTC) golf ball market and showing golfers that you can find a premium golf ball for a less-than-premium price, Snell golf is back with two new golf balls to offer value and more importantly performance to golfers.

It should be noted that Snell Golf never really went away but after the supply chain upheaval and material shortages of 2020, the company was forced to retool. It not only gave them time to innovate with two new golf balls but it also gave Dean Snell and his team the chance to start fresh, including a new logo to kick off 2023.

MTB Prime and Prime X

Inside th Snell MTB Prime Snell Golf

Both the new MTB Prime and Prime X balls are three-piece urethane golf balls designed to maximize distance off the tee and combine it with premium short-game spin. The MTB Prime provides a soft feel and low driver spin thanks to a unique mantle layer.

“In our MTB PRIME model, we were really able to get very soft feel many golfers prefer, while keeping fast ball speeds, low driver spin, and with our FLEX+ mantle, a higher rate of spin on short irons,” Dean Snell said. “With the higher iron spin that many amateurs need we made sure to keep flight down and accomplished that with a dimple pattern for lower trajectory.”

Inside the MTB Prime X Snell Golf

With the goal of creating a greater distinction between the two golf balls in the line, the MTB Prime X is designed to offer a more controlled spin profile for golfers that need a flatter trajectory from their golf ball, specifically in the irons.

“Not all golfers want more spin, some already spin the ball too much, and others prefer a ball to release for their playing style, this is where the PRIME X can help,” Snell said. “With the lower spin rates, we modified the aerodynamics to be a higher flight, ensuring both models still maximize distance and performance.”

Price and availability

The 2023 MTB Prime golf balls are available for presale at and priced at $32.99 a dozen with volume discounts available to bring the price down to as low as $29.99 a dozen for a five-dozen value pack. The MTB and MTB Prime and MTB Prime X are currently only offered in white with optic yellow becoming available later this summer.

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