Looking for a new golf ball? Give one of these 8 a try

golf balls to try

One of these balls could be a great fir for your game.

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There are plenty of great golf balls out there to choose from, but it’s imperative you find the right one for your game. Here’s a look at some of our favorites that we think you should tee up right away.

Bridgestone Tour B XS

$50 per dozen

The three-piece Tour B XS (which also includes a Tiger Woods edition) comes built with a REACTIV iQ seamless, smart cover for faster tee shots and more spin on shorter shots. It’s specifically designed for golfers with swing speeds above 105 mph who want more spin in a Tour-caliber ball, and, yes, it’s the same model Tiger helped develop and the one he puts into play. Other models in the Tour B line include the Tour B X, XS and RXS.

Callaway Chrome Soft

$50 per dozen

Made for a wide range of players — from Tour professionals to weekend warriors — the three-piece, urethane-covered Chrome Soft produces big distance off the tee, low spinning iron shots and added greenside control in a ball that feels pillowy soft, thanks to its Hyper Elastic SoftFast core. The Chrome Soft is available in a variety of cover styles with alignment and visual aids and comes in either Chrome Soft, Soft X or Soft X LS.

Callaway Chrome Soft 22

Chrome Soft is better for everyone, from amateurs to major winners. Now with our proprietary new Precision Technology, the Chrome Soft Golf Ball is longer through the bag while providing the signature soft feel that golfers love. Precision Technology is the enhancement of every component, process, and measure, which allows us to make our highest quality, best performing, most consistent ball. Callaway’s leveraged over $50M of additional investment to create proprietary precision design techniques and manufacturing specifications that deliver our tightest dispersion, fastest speeds and unparalleled distance and control from every ball.
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Mizuno RB Tour

$35 per dozen

The four-piece, urethane- covered RB Tour produces low spin rates off the tee while at the same time high levels of greenside spin for added control. The 330 C-dimple pattern is tuned for better aerodynamics in the wind. It also comes in an RB Tour X model for golfers who want the same aerodynamic properties but in a slightly firmer ball that generates more spin with the driver.

Srixon Z-Star Diamond

$45 per dozen

Designed for serious players who want more spin with their middle and long irons while still keeping driver spin rates slow and short shot spin rates high, the three-piece Z-Star Diamond is the latest in the growing Z-Star family of Tour-level golf balls. It comes with a thin urethane cover with Spin Skin, a FastLayer core and a compression rating of 102. Other models in the Z-Star line include the Z-Star X and XV.

Srixon Z-Star Diamond

With a blend of greenside control and long-game distance, the new Z-STAR DIAMOND also delivers the unique benefit of increased spin on long and mid iron shots
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Titleist Pro V1

$50 per dozen

The latest iteration of the famed Pro V1 comes with a softer urethane cover for more spin around the greens and a faster casing layer for more ball speed and a lower spin rate with the longer clubs in the bag. The middle of the three- piece Pro V1 has been reworked, too, with a ZG Process core for more distance. Also comes in the Pro V1x, which provides a firmer feel with a higher ballflight and a touch more spin.

Wilson Staff Model

$50 per dozen

The four-layer, urethane-covered Staff Model ball comes with a carefully painted, seamless cover design and multilayer construction to produce maximum distance off the tee with longer clubs while at the same time producing higher spin rates around the greens. The inner mantle is the engine for added spin and the V-Cor core is what helps the ball produce maximum distance with the longer clubs. Also available is the Staff Model R, featuring an unpainted urethane cover for added performance.

TaylorMade TP5

$50 per dozen

The new Tour Flight dimple pattern on the TP5 helps maximize carry and generate a steeper angle of descent for extra stopping power on the greens and added control. The five-layer, urethane-covered ball includes a Speed-Layer System and High-Flex Material for more ball speed and Tri-Fast core for added carry. Also available in a TP5x model for those who want a slightly less high launch with lower iron spin.

TaylorMade TP5x Pix 2.0 USA

Obtain the same performance as seen on tour and sport the Red, White and Blue! The TP5x pix 2.0 take patriotism to the next degree while offering the Clearpath Alignment pattern. These are guaranteed to be a hit and may even help you play better!
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Vice Pro Plus

$36 per dozen

Designed for golfers with fast swing speeds who are looking for Tour-level performance, the Pro Plus is a four-piece, cast urethane-covered golf ball that produces low-launch/low-spin for added distance. For short shots, Vice’s “stick to the green” (S2TG) tech adds spin for greater control. It comes in several colors and with additional versions available including the Vice Pro, Pro Soft and Pro Zero models with varying performance characteristics.

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