The equipment change Bryson DeChambeau says he’ll make after the Masters

Bryson DeChambeau’s Masters didn’t go as planned. Though he entered the week as the odds-on favorite, a rough start on Thursday and a mysterious lost ball on Friday that resulted in a triple bogey on the third hole, combined with DeChambeau’s own admission that he wasn’t feeling 100 percent resulted in a T34 finish — a far cry from the complete domination of Augusta National many observers had been primed for.

But worry not, DeChambeau fans. With the 2021 Masters less than five months away, Bryson already has a plan for how he’s going to attack the course next time around, and it starts with his ball.

“We’re going to try and work on a golf ball that will fit it a little better with my wedges,” DeChambeau said after his final round on Sunday. “My wedges are still — this week I’d hit wedges in, on 1 I hit one and it spun 30 feet back and off the green. I can’t hit anything less than what I did. It was a 110‑yard shot and I took it back halfway and through and went through and it spun back 30 feet.  

“I’ve got to work on some ball stuff,” he continued. “I’ve gone through the whole club scenario. That’s as much as I can do there. So hopefully we can come up with a ball that will do some more things that will be helpful.”

Luckily for DeChambeau, he has plenty of time to dial things in, as his next start won’t be until the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii in January 2021. Perhaps by then, we’ll also get to see the 48-inch driver in action. Editor

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