FIRST LOOK: Callaway’s new 2022 Chrome Soft golf balls

Callaway Chrome Soft 2022 golf balls.

Callaway's new Chrome Soft golf balls.


Prior to the release of its 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, Callaway invested $50 million into its ball production facility to advance precision and capabilities. Now, the company is continuing to take advantage of those new capabilities and becoming even more precise with its new 2022 Chrome Soft golf balls.  

Callaway’s Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft X LS golf balls are not only getting X-rayed for centeredness of their cores, but every layer inside the golf balls is getting the same precision treatment.

It won’t surprise you to hear that the core of a golf ball should be directly in the center. If the core is leaning one way or the other within the golf ball, it can affect important parameters such as spin, distance and direction.

Most modern golf balls, though, have more than just a core and a cover; they have multiple layers. According to a recent study by Callaway, it’s not just off-center cores that can cause problems in performance. Apparently, if the other mantle layers are off-center, there can also be drastic negative effects.

The study showed that an off-center inner and outer mantle layer can cause a difference of 2.7 mph in ball speed, 2.1 degrees of launch angle, 1200 rpm of spin, 4.8 yards of distance and 16.7 yards of dispersion. To be clear, that was using the same exact golf ball, under the same hitting conditions, simply hit at different orientations.

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That means if you’re hitting a golf ball with imperfections you can’t even see, you could either hit the green or miss the green depending on how the golf ball is aligned. A little scary to think about.

Callaway is attempting to address those concerns by 3D X-raying every golf ball with high-resolution edge detection technology that can measure such things. The increase in precision, therefore, should equate to more predictable ball flights and greater consistency for golfers from shot to shot and golf ball to golf ball.

The enhanced quality control isn’t all that’s new with Callaway’s new Chrome Soft golf ball, though. Each of the three new models have received new Tour Aero cover constructions to optimize ball flight in each ball model, and they have new Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Cores to increase speed.

While each of the golf balls will become available at retail on January 28 for $49.99 per dozen (in white, Triple Track and hi-res Truvis designs), not each of the golf balls are created equally.

Below, we highlight the differences between each of the three golf ball models.

2022 Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.
Callaway Golf

The 3-piece Chrome Soft golf ball, which is the softest of the models, is made for the widest range of players who want all-around performance and a soft feel. With the new core construction and aerodynamic cover pattern, Callaway was able to increase speed and reduce spin on long shots without changing the familiar soft feel.

According to Callaway, the new 2022 Chrome Soft produces 0.5 mph more ball speed with the driver, 130 rpm less driver spin, and 330 rpm less iron spin. Overall, that means a more controllable ball flight on long shots and more distance.

2022 Chrome Soft X

Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball for 2022.
Callaway Golf

Callaway’s Chrome Soft X golf ball was the company’s number one model on professional tours, and according to the company, player feedback showed they didn’t want much to change. So, Callaway listened. Without changing the spin profile at all, Callaway was able to increase driver ball speed by 0.7 mph due to the new core in the 2022 version.

For consumers, the Chrome Soft X is designed to provide better, faster-swinging players with spin consistency, short game control, ball speed off the tee, and workability on approach shots.

2022 Chrome Soft X LS

The 2021 Chrome Soft X LS (Low Spin) golf ball was designed to help better players achieve faster ball speed and lower spin rates on long shots. According to Callaway, the most common feedback that players asked for with a new version was greater spin around the greens. They wanted the lower ball flights without giving up anything in the short game.

For its 2022 Chrome Soft X LS, Callaway designed a slightly softer cover that wedge grooves can bite into more. With the new Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core, though, longer shots won’t see any increase in spin or speed.

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The Chrome Soft X LS is still made for better players who want speed and precision on long shots, but the company has increased greenside spin for short game control. According to Callaway, the new Chrome Soft X LS increases driver speed by 0.8 mph, reduces driver spin by 130 rpm, and reduces iron spin by 120 rpm compared to the previous version.

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