Happy Gilmore x Extra Butter: The stylish capsule celebrates the classic film’s 25th anniversary

Happy Gilmore celebrates its 25-year anniversary this summer.

Extra Butter

New York City based streetwear brand, Extra Butter has collaborated with a few well-known golf brands to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the cult classic film Happy Gilmore. The exclusive, limited-edition collection includes Adidas golf shoes, accessories and apparel, that draw inspiration from the film’s three main characters — Shooter, Chubbs and Happy.

They’ve also partnered with Vice Golf, Seamus Golf, Asher Golf and Phat Scooters to create balls, gloves, head covers and more. The complete collection will be available to shop exclusively on ExtraButterNY.com and at both of their brick and mortar locations.

Scroll down to view each characters’ distinct capsule. Each product line includes fun details that tie back to the original film and make each garment unique and special.

The Chubbs Collection

Extra Butter is well known for their storytelling style. This Chubbs capsule features gator skin and wood-grain finishing details and “it’s all in the hips” motifs. Extra Butter

The Shooter Collection

Shooter finally gets his coveted Gold Jacket in the form of the adicross Bomber Jacket. The same coloring inspires the complete capsule and his legendary shooter glove hand ties everything together. Extra Butter

The Happy Collection

The Happy Collection is the most streetwear-inspired of the bunch. It includes graphic tees, comfy sweats, and a cooler bag to be used on or off the course. Extra Butter
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Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor