English club responds to Hatton’s victory: No hoodies allowed

tyrrell hatton

Tyrrell Hatton's victory in a hoodie has caused a bit of a stir elsewhere in England.

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At times there is a great divide between us amateurs and the pros, and at others, there seems to be no divide at all. Their decisions affect us. Their successes determine our spending habits. Their wardrobe choices … result in a debate on attire etiquette? 

That’s exactly right. Tyrrell Hatton wearing an Adidas hoodie during his impressive victory at the BMW Championship last weekend didn’t just stir the sensibilities of golfers on Twitter. It even served as a reminder for at least one English club that has no interest in seeing hoodies on their grounds.

Wearside Golf Club in northern England (on the western outskirts of Sunderland) has used Hatton’s recent success as a reminder to its members. Posted atop the golf section of its website Tuesday morning was the following clarification: 

“Dress Code

In light of Tyrell Hattons recent success and fashion statement and following discussions on this, can I draw your attention to the Clubs dress code and re emphasise that “hoodies” are not acceptable golf attire for Wearside Golf Club, no more so in fact than designer ripped jeans. ??
I hope this avoids any unnecessary misunderstandings on this subject.”

Well, at least they’ve drawn the line in the sand. No hoodies at Wearside. 

It is not clear what exactly prompted the clarification, but perhaps we’ll receive that information soon. And to be fair, the hoodie is a polarizing piece of attire for many golf clubs. They might not all write it on their website, but golf attire is a particular guideline that many clubs and courses adhere to strictly. We discussed it this week in Tour Confidential, and even four of our staffers couldn’t come to a complete agreement on the topic. 

So, in the meantime, you can figure out which side of the hoodie debate you sit on. And if you’re pro-hoodie, and particularly pro-Hatton, you can snatch up the Adidas hoodie for yourself below. If that’s not your look, that’s okay, too! 

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