I Tried It: Side Street Golf’s backpack golf bag

Now you can easily bike to your next tee time with your clubs in tow using Side Street Golf's Back9 Golf Backpack.


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Have you ever wished you could carry your golf bag like a backpack? Okay, me neither, but then I was told about Side Street Golf’s golf bag/backpack.

Now, as a city dweller, I’m constantly hauling my clubs through the streets and the NYC subway system. It’d be great to be able to bike up to Chelsea Piers, per se, but a normal bag causes too much imbalance for that to be a possibility. The Side Street bag is the solution. 

It’s basically like a normal stand bag, but smushed into more of a rectangle shape than a cylinder. The backpack straps attach to the bag above a thick cushion that makes it comfortable and easy to carry. It even has silicone straps on the 4-way top that can stretch around your shafts to secure your clubs in place while in transit. 

The bag has ample pocket space for a water bottle, golf balls, tees, rain gear, etc., and at just 6.2 pounds it’s lightweight and as easy to carry around as a regular carry bag. It’s certainly an eclectic look on the course, but if that makes you worried, just take a push cart. At least you’ll be able to get to your tee time on your bike without any worries!

The Back9 Golf Backpack

With backpack and golf bag modes, the Back9 makes it easy to transport your clubs on and off the course.

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Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor