Use this inexpensive training aid to improve your putting stroke

perfect putting gates laying on an indoor putting mat

Want to dial in your putting stroke without breaking the bank? The Perfect Putting Gates are a great option.


If you want to post low scores, you’ve got to be a solid putter. Hitting the ball a long ways is great, but once you get to the green, you’ve got to know how to get the ball in the hole.

The only way to become a good putter is through consistent and effective practice. And the best way to be efficient in that practice is by introducing a training aid to your routine.

That’s where the Perfect Putting Gates come into play. These aids will provide you with targets of three different sizes to roll your ball through while you practice. And if you can thread the ball through the smallest gate, you’ll know you’re dialed in.

Best of all, the Perfect Putting Gates come with attachable legs that can be used to stand them on indoor surfaces. No longer will you need to hustle over to the course to get some practice in. With these gates, you can get in all the putting practice you need in the comfort of your own home.

Check them out below.

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Perfect Putting Gates

Dial in your putting with our Perfect Putting Gates. With 3 different sizes you can create multiple putting drills to improve your game.

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