This training aid promises longer drives in 40 days or your money back

This is your solution to gaining distance on your drives in 40 days, guaranteed.


Welcome to Our Picks, where we fill you in on the newest and hottest golf equipment and accessories. Today we’re featuring a training aid to help you increase your swing speed to ultimately hit the golf ball further. Last time, we featured a mini golf net, perfect for your at-home practice area, which you can read by tapping here.

What is the Rypstick?

Looking for a way to gain distance fast? One of the best ways to hit the ball further is to increase your swing speed. The Rypstick is a swing speed training device to help you get a stronger swing faster. This company guarantees you’ll gain 15-20 yards in just six weeks.

When you purchase a Rypstick, you get a free virtual swing lesson from the award-winning PGA golf coach Dr. Luke Benoit (who also founded the brand), to start you off right. Then, you can use the free Rypstick app to get an analysis on your swing and use the app to guide you through more drills and training. The app will give you video guidance and help you step by step to improve your swing.

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ALL-IN-ONE SPEED TRAINING SYSTEM Featuring 3 interchangeable weights, plus an optional counterweight, Rypstick gives golfers 8 unique weighting combinations—without the need to swap out heads.  MORE SPEED = MORE DISTANCE For every MPH of added clubhead speed, you’ll gain 3 yards of extra distance. By working the Rypstick into your training routine for just 10 minutes a day,  3x per week, you could see 15-25 yards added to your driving distance. BUILD SPEED FROM ANYWHERE Rypstick’s compact, streamlined design fits seamlessly in your golf bag and enables you to build speed from anywhere—whether you’re warming up on the range or at home, gearing up for your next round.  TRUSTED ON AND OFF THE COURSE Rypstick is used by 100+ Tour athletes, 10 long drive competitors, and 1000+ teaching pros. It has also been a featured product in Golf Digest and on MyGolfSpy, further validating its impact on the game.   SHAFT OPTIONS Mens – 45″ White Ladies – 44″ Blue Senior – 44″ Blue Juniors – 41″ Green Indoor – 38″ Orange   WEIGHTING SETUPS 0 Weights – 270g 1 Weight  – 300g 2 Weights – 330g 3 Weights – 360g 3 Weights + Counterweight – 420g 
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This simple yet effective training aid comes with eight weight options so you can easily swap in more weight to slowly challenge yourself and become stronger in your swing. You can choose from five different shaft length options, including a shorter indoor version. This is one of the best and most affordable weight swing trainers on the market. For only $199, you can hit the ball further within 40 days.

Over 100 tour players and 1000 teaching professionals trust and use the Rypstick in their practice sessions. Even five of the world’s top 10 long-drive professionals use this device. If you don’t gain speed and distance within 40 days of using the product, you get your money back, 100 percent guaranteed.

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