SPOTTED: New version of Project X HZRDUS Black shaft surfaces on Tour

project x hzrdus black 2022 shaft

The black profile in Project X's HZRDUS lineup is built to cut spin and lower launch.

Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Project X’s popular HZRDUS has undergone some noticeable changes since it was introduced almost seven years ago on Tour with the original HZRDUS. In recent years, HZRDUS Smoke and HZRDUS Smoke RDX have expanded the profiles in the lineup, but the O.G. has still maintained a following on Tour and in the amateur ranks.

While the original has the cache to turn into a cult classic, it’s clear Project X has been working hard on a follow-up to the first HZRDUS Black profile. The fourth-generation HZRDUS Black initially surfaced at the U.S. Open and is designed for the biggest swingers on Tour who require low spin and launch characteristics.

What separates the fourth-generation HZRDUS from the original is a Dual Torsional Design that runs throughout the shaft. At higher swing speeds, the shaft has a tendency to twist, impacting consistency and dispersion. According to True Temper’s manager of product marketing and developmental tours, Keenan Phillips, they’ve managed to solve the issue — even in its TX (tour extra-stiff) part.

“The Dual Torsional Design is a more efficient use of the torsional plies throughout the shaft,” said Phillips. “It gives our engineers a lot more freedom when designing the shaft to get the torque where they need to. They have more control over the part.”

project x hzrdus black 2022 shaft
The new Project X HZRDUS Black offers lower torque than its predecessor. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Without getting too far into the weeds, the high modulus torsional plies — a material component in the HZRDUS shaft — are ideally laid at a 45-degree angle to achieve the mechanical properties desired. The plies have a tendency to move during impact, but with the fourth-generation HZRDUS Black, they “maintain that trueness a lot better” to produce a more stable part.

“That’s how we can keep the torque that low,” Phillips said.

The TX parts available at the U.S. Open featured a paltry 2.1 (80g TX), 2.3 (70g TX) and 2.5 (60g TX) degrees of torque, placing them on the low end of the torque spectrum when compared to their peers.

With players getting faster and stronger on Tour, it’s only natural that some players would gravitate towards the new HZRDUS Black part. (It’s very likely additional color profiles will be offered down the road, similar to the original HZRDUS Black, Yellow and Red.)

“From a dynamics standpoint, guys on Tour are optimizing their numbers a lot better,” said True Temper’s director of tour operations, Paul Loegering. “The guys who’ve tried them aren’t giving them back — and that’s a good thing. We’ve seen very consistent numbers during initial testing.”

Project X HZRDUS Shafts

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