Gimme that: This non-greasy daily SPF lotion is perfect for golfers

Get Mr. lotion

Get Mr.'s 3-in-1 SPF lotion can help golfers care for their skin in multiple ways.


Did you know that men are three times more likely to get skin cancer than women? No? Me either — that is until I met the team at Get Mr. at the PGA Show. They’re a new skincare brand that’s setting out to change that statistic, and what better place to start than with golfers, who spend a large amount of their time in the sun. 

The reason for that statistic is largely due to the fact that women, in general, have more opportunities to wear SPF in our daily routines — daily moisturizer, foundation, and other make up products are often infused with sun protection properties. Men, on the other hand, don’t always wear those things. SPF aftershave didn’t really exist…until now. 

Get Mr. is the first 3-in-1 moisturizer, sunscreen and aftershave daily face lotion that’s designed to easily fit into anyone’s routine. We especially love this product for golfers because the lid needs to be twisted to reveal the squirt pump, which means gone are the days that greasy sunscreen explodes in the pocket of your golf bag. 

The broad-spectrum mineral SPF formula was developed by actual dermatologists to have a non-greasy, lightweight feel that protects against sun damage and aging. It’s hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. You can get a bottle for yourself using the link below.

Get Mr. Daily All-In-One Face Lotion

A daily face lotion that has everything you need — moisturizer, sunscreen and aftershave. If SPF isn’t already part of your daily routine, it should be, and this product makes it easy.

Emily Haas Contributor