Miura pays homage to Japan’s boro technique in latest gear collection

Japanese culture is on display in the latest from Miura.


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All of Miura’s irons and wedges are hand-forged in Japan. They’re super proud of their heritage, and have been known to uplift and celebrate Japanese culture through their soft goods and accessories capsules. The latest capsule is no different.

Their newest gear — a hoodie, t-shirt, hat, umbrella and divot tool/ball marker set — features Miura’s “M” logo and a boro-inspired pattern. Traditionally, boro is made by quilting indigo textiles together to create a unique pattern that reinforces the fabric. It’s a time-honored quilting method that was invented in Japan and is now practiced globally. These accessories mimic a traditional boro color palate and stitching technique.

We’ve linked a few of our favorite accessories below, but you can head over to Miuragolf.com to view the complete collection.

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Miura Boro Divot Tool and Ball Marker

Made in collaboration with PC Customs, this boro-etched ball marker and divot tool set is a unqiue and useful keepsake for fans of the brand.

Miura Boro Umbrella

This 60″ umbrella is double sided, and features the Miura “M” on the top and the boro pattern on the interior.

Miura Boro Patch Trucker

This 5-panel trucker hat features a boro batch with Miura’s iconic “M” logo on the front.

Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor