FIRST LOOK: Mitsubishi Diamana’s PD shaft explores a lower-launching profile

Boasting an active handle, stable mid/tip section and lower torque, Diamana PD is designed around several new technologies from Mitsubishi.


Lowering launch is one way to increase distance if you struggle with a sub-optimal ball flight. Switching to a tip-stiff shaft profile is a surefire way to strengthen flight, which is exactly what Mitsubishi cooked up with its latest Diamana PD.

Boasting an active handle, stable mid/tip section and lower torque, the low launch, low-to-mid spin PD is designed around several new technologies from Mitsubishi, including a dual-phase “XLink Tech Resin System” application that utilizes epoxy and non-epoxy components to generate a stronger bond between the resin and fiber.

According to Mitsubishi, “the cross-linked phases create both high modulus and high elongation strength, yielding a lighter and universally stronger prepreg.”

High-performance MR70 carbon fibers — the fiber is 20 percent stronger with 10 percent greater modulus than conventional applications — and Boron fibers add strength and stability to the shaft profile without the increase in unwanted weight that can negatively affect overall performance.

The fifth-generation Diamana also features the shaft manufacturer’s “Consistent Feel Design,” an engineering approach whereby the butt diameter, weight and balance point variations are minimized through the entire line. Accomplishing this removes differences a player might feel when they’re comparing different weights or flexes.

“Players can now see what a lower launching profile could add to their game while eliminating any distracting change in feel as they shift among weights and flexes,” said Mark Gunther, MCA Golf’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Today’s larger driver heads reward players for making contact across more of the face, and our shaft designs have to account for that. The physics have changed so your shaft technology has to match it.”

Mitsubishi’s Diamana PD shaft comes with an Ion-plated finish and retails for $400. It’s offered in a variety of weights and flex ranging from 40R2 to 80TX.

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Jonathan Wall Editor

Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and’s Managing Editor for Equipment. Prior to joining the staff at the end of 2018, he spent 6 years covering equipment for the PGA Tour.