FIRST LOOK: Mitsubishi adds Diamana ZF profile to shaft lineup

September 14, 2019
Mitsubishi's Diamana ZF shaft is the fourth profile in the lineup.

One of the most successful shafts in golf history will now be available in a fourth profile, as Mitsubishi introduced the new Diamana ZF model that builds on the success of the BF version previously used by Justin Thomas during his 2017 PGA Championship victory.

Thomas recently became the first high-profile name to switch from Diamana BF to Diamana ZF during last season’s Tour Championship. During testing, the ZF shafts produced a slightly lower launch and tightened dispersion while maintaining the spin rate Thomas had become accustomed to seeing.

“Diamana ZF-Series takes the signature ‘smooth’ bend profile that makes our BF-Series the shaft of choice for so many players and pushes it in just the right places,” Mark Gunther, MCA Golf’s VP of sales and marketing, said in a press release. “The result is a profile that makes ZF a little more explosive and easier to accelerate.”

Compared to the Diamana BF, the new mid-launch, low spin ZF is moderately stronger and more stable in the tip and butt sections, with a slightly softer, more active midsection to help transfer energy efficiently at impact. The butt and tip are reinforced by an MR70 carbon fiber that’s 20 percent stronger than “conventional materials.” Boron fiber can also be found in the tip section to fine-tune the EI profile.

Diamana ZF retails for $400 per shaft and comes in five weights (40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 grams). The 40-gram offering is the lightest fourth-generation Diamana to date.

“We’re extremely happy to have a 40-gram option within Diamana ZF,” Gunther said. “This opens the performance benefits of these unique Mitsubishi Chemical materials to a whole new range of players who prefer to play an ultra-lightweight shaft.”

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