You can get team colors on your grips with new Golf Pride line

January 24, 2020

In golf, there’s no telling what will help your game. Some players talk about how different patterns on their shoes affect the way they feel standing over putts. Others say they feel much more comfortable wearing pants than shorts. So who’s to say that pulling a club from your bag and grabbing hold of your favorite team’s colors couldn’t give you a slight edge?

Golf Pride’s new MCC Teams Collection seeks to combine golfers’ passions for golf and their sports team. The grips, announced on Jan. 23, will come in 15 different color combinations covering most common sports allegiances. The big rivalries are available; Carolina Blue and white is an option, as is a deeper shade of Duke blue with white. There’s the scarlet and grey of Ohio State, too, and the maize and blue of Michigan.

Golf Pride's new MCC Teams Collection comes with 15 different color options.
Golf Pride's new MCC Teams Collection comes with 15 different color options.

The goal of the new collection was a simple one: to make golfers smile a little more. “Many players have two passions – their sports team and golf. Combine those passions with the first hybrid technology grip, the MCC, and it now allows players who love their team to showcase their allegiances every time they grip their club,” said Golf Pride product manager Bruce Miller.

The MCC grips feature “all-weather control” with brushed cotton cord in the upper hand and “responsive feel” from high-performance rubber in the lower hand. Together, the grips are designed to maximize a player’s control of the club.

The MCC Teams grips are available in standard size ($10.49) for Golf Pride’s Spring 2020 release, and midsize options ($10.99) will be available for the Summer 2020 drop.

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