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Would you spend $80 on this all-metal putter grip?

January 22, 2020

ORLANDO, Fla. — There are putter grips floating around everywhere at the PGA Show, and as a bit of a grip nerd myself (slightly weird, I know), I love geeking out over them. This year something caught my eye that I had never encountered before: The Feedback Putter Grip, which is the world’s only all-metal putter grip.

The grips themselves are made with aluminum and the current weight is 150 grams, which effectively means it acts as a counterbalanced putter grip (though the company says it’s working on smaller, more lightweight models).

Feedback Putter Grips

We’ll be doing a proper review in the coming weeks, but rolling a few at the 2020 PGA Show, the grips don’t feel particularly comfortable on the hands, though that’s sort of the point. Most grips are designed to increase shock absorption with rubber and other materials; Feedback putter grips are designed to do the opposite. A metal grip on a metal shaft means you feel everything that happens when the clubhead is interacting with the ball. Misses vibrate like crazy, while center contact is relatively quiet.

Minimizing that kind of feedback blurs the lines between good and bad technique. Embrace it, and you’ll start correcting until you get the feedback you desire. Especially in the cold weather.

Feedback putter grips are for sale online for $79.95.