Gimme that: Birdie Juice High Camp flasks, shakers and tumblers

Add a Birdie Juice flask or tumbler to your gear arsenal while they're on sale!


High Camp stainless steel flasks, shakers and tumblers are the perfect vehicles for your birdie juice — whether that’s whiskey, wine, a mixed-drink or a simple water with lemon. These leak-proof, double-insulated containers will keep your beverage of choice the perfect, consistent temperature throughout your round.

The tumblers are perfect for golf as they’re virtually indestructible, fit easily into cup holders and look sleek.

The flasks come in two sizes — one meant to share, and one if you’re going solo. They hold your beverage in a bottle-shaped flask that’s magnetically connected to two cups on the top and bottom. Mid-round, you can pour yourself a glass and trust that nothing has spilled or changed temperature since you mixed it at home.

The shaker is exactly what you think — mix up your drink of choice on the go and pour it through the attached strainer.

All of these options are branded with “Birdie Juice” in our Pro Shop, so for a limited time they’re 20% off. Use the buttons below to shop while the sale lasts!

Birdie Juice Edition Firelight Tumbler 2-Pack + Soft Case

Birdie Juice Edition Stainless Steel Whiskey Tumblers + Soft Wool Felt Case We began with the quest to build the perfect whiskey tumbler for both the bar and the outdoors. We wanted a design a tumbler that was big, rugged, and easy on the eyes. Our Tumbler 2-Pack is built using premium grade stainless steel with a laser smooth interior and they include a soft wool-felt carrying case for travel.  The 6-Shooter design pays homage to the American West and it holds 11oz (325ml) of your favorite craft whiskey. The double-walled insulation keeps your drink at the perfect temperature, and the stainless steel construction ensures they shine for a lifetime.
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Birdie Juice Flask – Limited Edition 750ml

Designed to be shared, the Birdie Juice 750 transports your favorite whiskey or a cold cocktail to the course.  This 3-piece bar set includes two 6-Shooter Tumblers and a 750ml Vacuum Insulated Flask – enough to fit an entire fifth of your favorite spirit or a full bottle of wine… to share, and cheers of course. Weighing just 29oz, it’s designed to pack easily into your golf bag. The 6-Shooter Tumblers secure to your Flask using our magnetic lock system (patent-pending) and the vacuum insulation keeps your spirits at a preferred drinking temperature for your entire 18 holes. The tumblers are double-walled, so it works great for both hot and cold beverages. Oh, and it fits perfectly into your carts cup holder so it’s always nearby. 
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Birdie Juice Flask – Limited-Edition 375 ml

With 1-full sized tumbler and measuring in at 375ml, the Firelight 375 keeps your favorite cocktail or spirit at the perfect temperature all the way through the back 9. Designed to fit perfectly in your golf bag and or slide right into the cup holder in the cart. It’s vacuum insulated, leak-proof, with a brushed stainless steel construction and the 6-shooter tumbler magnetically attaches to your flask. Half for you, half for me… Why is it 375ml? Because drinking is better with a buddy. The Firelight 375 is built exactly for ½ a bottle of wine or liquor. So open your favorite single malt, split it between 2 Firelight 375’s, and meet your golf buddy on the links and see if a bit of birdie juice doesn’t shave some strokes off your game.
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Birdie Juice Edition Highball Shaker

Design inspired by a traditional Mason Jar, our favorite highball cocktail glass. Our 20oz vacuum-insulated cocktail shaker sleekly converts into a highball tumbler by using our innovative coupling strainer design. This 3-piece configuration lets you decide whether to shake it at home or take it to-go on the course. Versatile coupling strainer design provides “shake mode” & “take mode” for your cocktails.
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Emily Haas Contributor