Want to get better in 2024? Here are some devices and training aids to help

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Embarking on a journey to elevate your golf game this year? Here are some training aids and devices to help you get there.

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Embarking on a journey to elevate your golf game this year? It might be time to unlock your potential off the tee, in the fairways and on the greens. Here are some training aids to help you get there.

1. Increase distance

Practice center contact

Hitting the ball in the center of the club face minimizes wayward shots. One way to focus on your ball-striking is by using Strike Spray (available on Amazon), or you can chalk any of your clubs to see where you’re making contact with the ball.

Increase your swing speed

There are lots of ways to increase your swing speed. You can use the ground to generate more power and speed in your rotation, and you can also incorporate flexibility- or weight-specific workouts. Another is training aids.

Try using the Superspeed Golf Training Aid System, which will help you work your way to a faster swing and, eventually, more distance.

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

The Speed Training System of Choice for Padraig Harrington, 3x Major Winner and 2024 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee.Realize the dream of more distance with our original overspeed training system. This system has helped hundreds of thousands of golfers increase their swing speed and create more powerful, consistent golf swings.This system includes our 3 specifically weighted training clubs and access to our full online training program. The research is clear showing 5% swing speed gains in about 6 weeks of regular practice.Choose your appropriate set and then choose your tech to track your speed gains.  BUNDLE YOUR SET WITH TRACKING TECH FOR UP TO $80 OFF! Choose the MEN’S set if you use an X, S, or R flex driver and/or swing above 90MPH.  Not sure which set you need? Take our quiz here!
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2. Improve approach shot accuracy

Practice alignment

Your golf ball can’t go where you want it if you’re aimed the wrong way to begin with, which is a common mistake many golfers make. Try practicing with alignment sticks to make sure you are starting in the right direction. I’m a big fan of the “Hazy Sticks” brand alignment sticks, which are made out of hickory wood and feature nickel endcaps. You can even get them custom-engraved.

Hazy Sticks The Royal

100% Genuine Hickory Length: 45″ / Diameter 3/8″ Medium-Dark Stain Shock Blue/White Color Combo Gloss Protective Coating Nickel End Caps High Quality Golf Alignment Sticks 
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Zero in on your distances

It’s important to figure out how far you hit your clubs, and it’s not always as accurate as you might think when you are firing away on the range. Are you a simple GPS golf watch kind of person, or do you prefer a high-tech point-and-shoot rangefinder? (If you’re in the market for a new one, tap here to figure out which of our favorite rangefinders from 2023 you’d prefer.)

Launch it

Or, you can hone in on your specs by using a launch monitor like the Swing Caddie (shown below) and receive all the information you’d ever need. Do your homework and get with a fitter, too, and they can use this info to help you figure out clubs that might work best for your game.

Swing Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor

The SC300i is truly portable and provides golfers with complete swing and ball flight metrics found in professional launch monitors, including launch angle and apex data. Using the latest in Doppler radar technology, and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors, the SC300i provides uncompromised precision. SC300i connects directly to a personal phone or tablet via Bluetooth allowing golfers to track their real-time, integrated data. Voice output of distance and remote control provides the highest levels of user convenience.
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3. Enhance your short game

Just as important as finding the fairway off the tee box, you have to execute your chip shots, especially those daunting short ones. Here’s some recent advice from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel on how to become a chipping virtuoso. As for putting, sometimes the best way to practice it is to just have fun with it. Make a game out of it with friends or even on a quiet night at home. You can get pretty creative with it — play around with putting on carpet or hardwood.

You can also get yourself a high-quality putting surface like The Putt King Pro, which is a three-hole plus flagsticks turf green with an average USGA Stimpmeter speed rating of 11.

Putt King™ Pro Green 5’ft x 11.5’ft

  KEY FEATURES: ✔️ All-weather battle tested, for indoor / outdoor use on flat surfaces ✔️ The Putt King™ Pro Green measures 11.5’ft L x 5’ft W  ✔️ USGA Stimpmeter speed rating avg ~ 11 ✔️ Non-skid comfort foam base used for flat surfaces and protecting flooring ✔️ Premium quality putting surface for consistent roll and feel ✔️ Durable impact resistant cups ✔️ (3) Flagsticks with minimal assembly required ✔️ (3) Flags of your color choice. Made of high denier nylon w/ double needle seams ✔️ (3) Removable surface plugs when less pin positions are desired ✔️ (3) Contour pads, used for creating unique breaks and slope The Putt King™ Pro Green features the same high-quality materials found in professional backyard installs.  Our non-skid comfort foam base is permanently bonded to our proprietary putting surface to deliver premium feel and consistent rolls time and again.  Create the perfect indoor or outdoor practice space with Putt King™ trusted quality, performance and versatility. Free Shipping within the U.S.
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