Take golf club customization to the next level with custom ferrules

July 26, 2019
Custom ferrules from BB&F Co.

When it comes to customizing irons and wedges, weekend golfers are usually limited to custom paint fills and/or stamping. Both processes can be cool, but what if you’re looking for a more polished look? A custom ferrule (a cosmetic plastic ring that’s located where the shaft meets the hosel) can add a pop of customization to your set.

BB&F Co. specializes in making custom ferrules, in a variety of colors, that remind us of the classic wedge and blade irons of the past. The company takes it a step further by incorporating a mix of colors—in both standard and short-sized models—designed to please just about anyone.

BB&F ferrules come in packs of ten, and while serious club tinkerers may have the tools and know-how to install them on their own, it’s best to have your local clubmaker do the custom work for you.

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