The ‘Fully Equipped Hotline’ did not disappoint in its first week. Here’s what you missed

Welcome to the Fully Equipped Hotline! This is your opportunity to review, rant and rave about whatever is on your mind in the gear space.


As a kid, I grew up consuming as much sports talk radio as humanly possible. Just couldn’t get enough of the quarterback debates and whether the 1996 Chicago Bulls were the best team in basketball history (they are).

Depending on the topic, spirited debates would bubble up with a stream of listeners calling in to dish out their own opinions. In some cases, the callers sometimes became as famous as the host(s) along the way.

I bring up this story from my past not because we want GOLF’s Fully Equipped podcast to turn into sports talk radio, but because we see the opportunity for new growth with a big assist from the listeners who tune in each week to hear us discuss the hottest topics in the equipment space.

In the same way that sports talk radio allows listeners to help shape the discussion, we’re opening up a new “Fully Equipped Hotline” — (602) 935-4974 — that essentially does the same thing. Starting this week, you’ll be able to ask gear questions, rant about a recent discussion on the pod or rave about the newest club in your bag. We’ll play the best voicemails on the pod each week and offer our own takes.

This week marked the first edition of the Hotline — and it did not disappoint.

From a possible divorce due to club-buying habits and rollback rants to tips on building the ideal setup for any golfer type and our favorite clubs from over the years, there was a little bit of everything right out of the gate.

Will hilarity ensue on the Fully Equipped Hotline? Of course. But don’t expect things to always go off the rails. Our hope is the questions also continue to make you smarter and more confident about the gear going into your bag.

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Jonathan Wall Editor

Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and’s Managing Editor for Equipment. Prior to joining the staff at the end of 2018, he spent 6 years covering equipment for the PGA Tour. He can be reached at