FIRST LOOK: Mizuno ST230 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids

Mizuno ST230 driver line

Mizuno ST230 line of metal woods

Mizuno Golf

The ST230 series will be available in February with the ST-Z and ST-X 230 drivers priced at $499.95, and the ST-Z 230 PLTNM driver at $549.95. Fairway woods are individually priced at $299.95, and the ST-Z 230 hybrids at $249.95 each.


Since 2019 Mizuno has not so quietly been building up momentum in their metalwoods line, and with the new ST230 Series they are ready to hit full stride with the introduction of CORTech Chamber to the family.

The narrative behind Mizuno drivers has changed dramatically in just a few short years. Although they never struggled to get their irons into the bags of the world’s best players, getting metalwoods in was more of a challenge before 2019. The team at Mizuno knew that needed to start from the top down and beginning with the ST-190 they created a team dedicated to delivering a tour-level driver thanks in part to feedback from the best players in the world.

keith mitchell swings driver
Keith Mitchell Getty Images

Since 2020, every Mizuno staff player has played and helped in the development of what we have today including Keith Mitchell — one of the longest and best drivers in golf.

CorTech technology

The key piece of technology across Mizuno’s ST230 line is the CorTech Chamber, which is a high-density stainless-steel weight encased in elastomeric TPU on the sole. The TPU material fills a through slot in the sole behind the face to allow for greater flex and an expanded COR zone.

Mizuno CORTECH sole 2023
Mizuno’s CorTech sole helps generate more ball speed Mizuno Golf

The stainless steel weight serves a secondary purpose, by positioning more mass low and closer to the face to help increase energy transfer, launch, and lower spin, while the TPU Insert also provides acoustic tuning for a powerful impact sound.

“Our player testing over the years shows that placing extra weight close to the face results in faster ball speeds and low spin rates. We’ve been steadily working towards the CORTECH Chamber, which is incredibly effective at that job.  Encasing the steel weight within the TPU Chamber means that we’re moving weight close to the face at the same time as creating an additional source of energy.”
-David Llewellyn, Director of R&D for Mizuno.

Mizuno ST-Z 230, ST-X 230 and ST-X PLTNM 230 Drivers

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ST-Z 230

ST230 mizuno 2023 drivers
Mizuno ST230 ST-Z and ST-X drivers Mizuno Golf

The ST-Z is all about stable low spin. The driver combines a forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti face for greater elasticity, with carbon fiber sole and crown plates to help position more mass around the perimeter for enhanced MOI, while remaining a neutral ball flight driver.

The ST-Z is built in a modern player’s profile to inspire confidence and also features a quick switch hosel to allow a full 4 degrees of loft adjustment (2 degrees up and down in loft).

Mizuno STZ toe 2023 driver
Mizuno ST-Z driver Mizuno golf

“Tour tests for the ST-Z 230 have all been very consistent. Firstly, an appreciation that the look is familiar at address, then satisfaction at how much better it feels off the face. Ball speeds are up on average 1-3mph with spin rates dropping around 200 rpm.”
—Chris Voshall, Mizuno’s Director of Product

Availability: 9.5 in right and left-handed, and 10.5 degrees right-hand only.

ST-X 230

The ST-X offers a very unique profile based on its more rounded shape, and deeper face height compared to the ST-Z.

By having a center of gravity closer to the hosel, the ST-X is both slightly draw-biased but also more workable for highly skilled players with better face control through the swing. For golfers with a natural tendency to play a draw, the ST-X offers great potential for extra distance thanks to its low spin design and center of gravity placement.

Mizuno STx 230 2023 Face
The ST-X offers a deeper face profile Mizuno Golf

“The new ST-X 230 is a complex character, although in the higher loft option, it’s a higher flying draw biased head, the 9.5 for many of our tour players was more workable and faster from the face. You really need to hit both models before making any judgments on which is likely to work best for you.”
—Chris Voshall

Like the ST-Z, the ST-X features the same forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti face for greater elasticity, with an expanded carbon sole and crown plates to help position mass towards the rear and slightly into the heel.

Availability: 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees in right-handed, 10.5 degrees in left-handed.


The ST-X PLTNM is a finely tuned version of the ST-X that offers a total of 30 grams of weight saving to help moderate swing speed players gain extra distance. It features all of the same CORTech technologies as the rest of the ST 203 line but is paired with a lightweight Helium Platinum shaft and lightweight grip.

Availability: 10.5 and 12 degrees in right hand only

ST-Z 230 fairway wood

Mizuno STZ fairway 2023
Mizuno ST-Z fairway woods Mizuno Golf

Rather than break down the ST230 fairway wood line into separate designs, the single STZ model offers a ton of versatility with a higher launch and lower spin in a mid-sized club head, specifically developed alongside Mizuno’s tour advisors.

ST230 mizuno fairway 2023
Mizuno ST-Z fairway wood with MAS1C steel face Mizuno Golf

The ST-Z incorporates the CORTech Chamber into a high-energy MAS1C steel face and body design that also used a carbon crown to lower the center of gravity and save precious weight to be positioned around the head for higher MOI. The Quick Switch hosel which is available in both the 3 and 5-wood heads offers a full 4 degrees of adjustability to take the range of available lofts from 13 to 20 degrees.

Availability: Right Hand – 3 wood (15°) and 5 wood (18°), Left hand – 3 wood (15°)

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Woods

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ST-Z 230 hybrid

Mizuno STZ hybrid 2023
Mizuno ST-Z hybrids Mizuno Golf

The ST-Z 230 hybrids offer playability for any level of golfer and feature all of the same technology as the ST-Z fairway woods but in a smaller package. The shaping fits in between the previous CLK hybrid and the ST-Z fairway wood but a more rounded profile to push the center of gravity lower to increase forgiveness.

Mizuno STZ hybrid group 2023
Mizuno STZ hybrid offers adjustability and forgiveness Mizuno Golf

Like the fairway woods The ST-Z hybrids incorporate the CORTech Chamber into a high-energy MAS1C steel face and body, but with a crown made lighter by what Mizuno engineers call a waffle crown to shave mass from less stressed areas to help creates better launch condition around the face.

Availability: Right Hand – 2H (16°), 3H (19°), 4H (22°), and 5H (25°), Left Hand – 3H (19°) and 4H (22°) 

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Mizuno ST-Z 230 Hybrids

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