Cobra RadSpeed fairway wood

ClubTest 2021: Cobra RadSpeed fairway wood

Cobra RadSpeed fairway wood.

Courtesy of Cobra

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 19 new fairway woods to help you find the right one for your game. (For more on our testing process, click here.) Below are the results for the Cobra RadSpeed fairway wood. You can find the full list of fairway woods and test results here.

Cobra RadSpeed

RadSpeed, RadSpeed Draw: 14.5˚, 18.5˚, 22.5˚; RadSpeed Big Tour: 13.5˚; RadSpeed Tour: 17.5˚

Our take: Club designers know they have a winner when golfers are raving about the head shape. “It’s amazing,” said one tester. “I’m obsessed with the clean look,” said another. You get the point. If a fairway wood looks clunky, it’s going to get the Heisman. In this case, testers couldn’t get enough of RadSpeed’s sleek profile. Praise was also heaped on Cobra’s Baffler Hollow Split Rail sole design, which is made to keep the club from digging into the turf at impact.

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Cobra Radspeed Fairway Wood

OUR TAKE: With a hammer-like sound and impressive feel, RadSpeed delivered in a big way during GOLF’s ClubTest. As one tester raved, “I love the aesthetic. There’s some slight carbon fiber you can see in the back, and you can’t go wrong with matte black. Feels great, looks great.” This was the general consensus with Cobra’s latest big stick. In addition to noticing lower spin and a more penetrating flight — thanks to a reimagined adjustable sole weighting system — the eye-catching CNC milled face offered sneaky alignment assistance, framing the ball at address. It’s easy to see why this neon yellow and black beauty is Bryson’s driver of choice.  THE DETAILS: Cobra is known to push boundaries with its technologies. This year is no different. Building upon standout designs, such as the new-age CNC infinity milled face and carbon fiber crown, Cobra has also reimagined its sole weighting system. The OEM used tenants from a popular engineering formula, called the Radius of Gyration (“Rad” stands for “radius”), to spread the weights in the soles of the drivers further to the front and the back of the head for desired performance enhancements throughout the lineup. The RadSpeed standard head is lower spinning and lower flying, the RadSpeed XB (“Xtreme Back” weight) is higher launching and more forgiving, and the RadSpeed XD (“Xtreme Draw”) has heavy heel weighting to encourage a draw shot shape.  NOTABLE USERS: Rickie Fowler, Lexi Thompson Check out 150+ reviews from our gear experts in the ClubTest 2021 collection
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The details: The radial weighting system found on the RadSpeed driver is prominently positioned on the fairway wood but with a twist. The weights are placed in smart locations on all three models to produce different ball flights, shot shapes and spin rates. With 16 grams of weight near the face and seven grams situated in the back, RadSpeed is geared for low spin. The oversize Big Tour (designed to be used off the tee) and compact Tour feature 23 grams near the face to reduce spin and flatten launch. And the draw-biased RadSpeed Draw lives up to its name with 16 grams situated in the heel (along with seven grams in the back) to launch it high and get rid of that nagging slice for good.

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