FIRST LOOK: Srixon ZX5, ZX7 MKII drivers, fairway woods and hybrids

Srixon MKII woods drivers 2023

The new Srixon MK II driver series is packed with technology.

Ryan Barath / Darren Riehl

Srixon is a leader in the world of golf-club design, and with the all-new ZX MKII (mark two) drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, the company is delivering more power where it counts the most — at impact.

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The power in the ZX MKII woods comes from Srixon’s Rebound Frame which is in its second generation. This frame creates multiple areas in the head for the face and body to seamlessly flex to create better energy transfer to the ball resulting in more ball speed and more distance.

Srixon MKII face rebound
The Srixon MKII drivers features Gen2 Rebound Frame Ryan Barath

To put a number on it, Srixon says the newest generation offers a 10% larger Hi COR area on the face to help maintain maximum ball speeds over a larger area.

“Rebound Frame is a unique ball speed system that delivers a pure transfer of energy into the golf ball at impact,” says Jeff Brunski, vice president of research and development. “The result is an entire driver head that works in unison to deliver an unprecedented rebound effect that delivers maximum ball speed and ultimately, more distance.”

Technology breakdown

The flex zones of the ZX MKII woods work like double-stacked trampolines — not something I recommend you try unless you’re looking to break your collar bone, but something that works great when you’re looking for distance off the tee.

srixon zx5 ls driver
3 areas where Srixon’s ZX5 and ZX7 MKII drivers excel, according to our robot
By: Jonathan Wall

The first area is the face, which features intricate variable thickness zones, including a 0.25mm thinner center point and 0.4mm thicker area at the perimeter than the last generation to impart more energy.

Behind the face is a secondary ring made of thin areas that deform during impact like springs on a trampoline. Once those springs rebound…you see where I’m going with this, more energy is effectively transferred to the ball.

srixon MKII crown
All three drivers in the MKII line feature star frame. Ryan Barath

To support the flexible rebound frame, the titanium crown utilizes a Star Frame construction that uses a series of ridges to support and strengthen it without adding extra weight. The saved discretionary mass is then used around the various driver models to produce ideal launch and spin characteristics.

MKII Driver Models


ZX7 MKII Srixon
Srixon’s MKII ZX7 Ryan Barath

The ZX7 offers the most compact shape in the MKII line. It’s also packed with adjustability, including two interchangeable weights for right and light ball flight bias, along with Srixon’s adjustable hosel, which offers a full 2° of loft adjustments (1° up and 1° down from standard). This is the most workable driver in the line.

The ZX7 MKII Driver comes in lofts of 9.5° and 10.5°

Srixon ZX7 MKII

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ZX5 MKII Srixon
Srixon’s MKII ZX5 Ryan Barath

The ZX5 offers the largest footprint with a lower profile and a flattened shape for boosted MOI. It comes with a single adjustable weight (8g stock) in the rear to help increase launch and stability and offer the most consistent distance around the face. The ZX5 MKII driver comes in lofts of 9.5° and 10.5°

Srixon ZX5 MKII

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ZX5 LS (Low Spin)

ZX5 LS MKII Srixon
Srixon’s MKII ZX5 LS – Low Spin Ryan Barath

As the name suggests, the ZX5 LS is a lower spinning version of the ZX5 and also offers the lowest spinning profile of the three drivers in the lineup. This was achieved by using the same lower profile platform of the ZX5 but with an adjustable weight (8g stock) placed closer to the face. The ZX5 LS MKII Driver comes in lofts of 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°

*Additional weights can be ordered through custom, or you can purchase a full weight kit separately, which features options from 2-14g in 2 gram increments.

Srixon ZX5 LS MKII

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Fairway woods and hybrids

ZX fairway hybrid Srixon
Srixon ZX MKII fairway woods and hybrids. Ryan Barath

The ZX fairway woods and hybrids incorporate much of the MKII driver technologies, but the Srixon engineers still went further with the fairway woods’ “Cannon Sole” that places a “floating” weight pad (which sits like a cresting wave toward the face) in the sole to properly position the center of gravity for ideal launch and spin but still allow maximum face flex.

Srixon Cannon Sole
Srixon’s Cannon Sole weighting. Srixon Golf

For additional discretionary mass, the 3+ and 3-wood models utilize a carbon crown to further lower the center of gravity and increase MOI. Another beneficial feature of the fairway woods is the stepped-down crown which helps in both alignment and to lower the center of gravity along with a curved leading edge to offer maximum playability from any lie.

Srixon Fairway sole crown ZX MKII
The crown and sole of the Srixon ZX MKII fairway wood. Ryan Barath

The MKII fairway woods are individually priced at $279.99.

Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Woods

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Srixon ZX hybrid MKII address
Srixon ZX MKII hybrid from address. Ryan Barath

The new ZX MKII hybrids have been reshaped to offer a more compact look and a new face curvature to produce more consistent results from shots hit around the face.

The ZX MKII hybrids come in lofts of 17°, 19°, 22°, 25° and 28° — and are individually priced at $249.99.

Retail Information and Pricing

The ZX MKII Woods standard shaft options include ProjectX HZRDUS Black Gen4 and ProjectX HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX.

You’ll find the entire Srixon MKII like of woods in retail shops starting Jan. 20, 2023.

Srixon ZX MKII Hybrids

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