Honma’s new TW747 drivers and woods offer eye-popping speed increases

April 26, 2019
Honma TW737 driver

Justin Rose picked up an eye-popping four-mph ball-speed increase the first time he tested a Honma driver. Recreational golfers can hope for similar results from the company’s TW747 line, which consists of two driver models (460cc and 455cc) and three fairway woods (15, 17, 21) and hybrids (19, 22, 25).

With the TW747 driver, speed is derived from a Fast 4-Fang face design highlighted by four tabs around the perimeter that stiffen and support the structure, allowing the center of the face to flex at impact.

Adjusting loft, lie and face angle is accomplished with the help of an internal hosel mechanism that keeps the head and shaft from moving with each click, thus ensuring that the shaft is spined in the optimum position at all times.

The 460 model has two adjustable weights to dial-in launch and spin, while the 455 offers a slightly smaller profile with a single back weight.

All three new Honma TW747 fairway woods are designed with a low and back center-of-gravity location to get the ball in the air, but only the 3-wood employs a carbon composite crown for discretionary weight purposes. The 5- and 7-woods are steel products with an internal weighting system to optimize launch. The utilities woods have a high-strength steel face and a midsize, semi-pear profile that should appeal to golfers searching for a long-iron replacement.

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