Power Brokers: Our 5 top-performing drivers from ClubTest 2021

You can't go wrong with one of these 5 top-performing drivers.


Every year, golf equipment companies release their latest and greatest in the driver category, each packed with an abundance of speed and performance.

In a market that’s jam-packed with an ever-revolving door of new options, it’s natural for consumers to want to reduce the noise and simply test the “best” driver out there. The problem is there’s no one-size-fits-all driver that’s ideal for every individual golfer. Instead, the more useful question to ask is, “What’s the best new driver for my game?”

ClubTest 2021 Driver reviews
ClubTest 2021: 22 innovative new drivers tested and reviewed
By: GOLF Editors

Each manufacturer has different design philosophies, materials and technologies. Most companies also release more than one model to help golfers with differing needs.

Simply put, a holy grail of drivers does not exist to suit the gamut of players whose swing speeds vary from modest to super-fast. Moreover, one particular driver model from a certain company can’t be the highest spinning and lowest spinning at the same time, nor the most draw-biased and the most fade-biased or the highest launching and lowest launching — all things you should take into consideration.

Therefore, the first step to finding your perfect driver is to figure out what problems you need to address. Are you a fast-speed player who hits the ball too high? A slow-speed player who slices the ball? Self-awareness is key when buying a new driver. To help in your search for the best big stick, consider these five top performers from our 2021 ClubTest. Here’s to longer and straighter drives.


Ping’s G425 “LST” model, which stands for Low Spin Technology, has a compact 445cc clubhead and interior weighting that’s built to reduce backspin for penetrating drives.

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Ping G425 LST

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Weighing in at 40 grams lighter than Titleist’s standard TSi2 or TSi3 drivers, the TSi1 helped our slower-speed testers find more distance and height.

Titleist TSi1 Driver

OUR TAKE: It wasn’t long ago that Titleist was super choosey about its driver iterations, usually offering one or two models to pick from in a given series. The TS driver line eschews that strategy completely with four driver models in the TS line, each with its own set of performance benefits. In it, we have a model for slice correction, distance, low spin—there’s even a head that is sub 460cc for shotmaking versatility. THE DETAILS: All four models have a Titleist Speed Chassis, an ultrathin titanium crown, variable face thicknesses, and optimized weight distributions. Here’s how they differ: The TS1 is geared for players with moderate swing speeds who want more distance and forgiveness; the TS2 is a pure bomber for added distance; the TS3 is for players who want distance and workability, and the TS4 is a smaller head shape for maximum versatility and shot-shaping. Check out 150+ reviews from our gear experts in the ClubTest 2021 collection
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BEST FOR DRAW BIAS: Callaway Epic Max

Due to the new weighting structure of Callaway’s Epic Max, our testers found this driver helped reduce a pesky slice with ease.

Callaway Epic Max Driver

OUR TAKE: It’s good to have options. With Callaway’s new-look Epic Max and Epic Speed, testers found two equally appealing packages: One geared for those who need a bit more forgiveness and another for the better player craving a penetrating launch. “I could put both in the bag,” said a tester. “Both were fantastic on misses, and the flatter flight of the Speed was very consistent. I could totally see myself throwing in a strong-lofted Speed and Max 5-wood to launch it high. That sounds really appealing.” Don’t be surprised if other golfers follow suit. THE DETAILS: While the new Jailbreak system in the driver is sure to garner the most interest, it’s actually not the only club receiving a complete makeover. The Epic fairway woods feature Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades that are spread wider apart to stiffen the structure, allowing the C300 maraging steel face cup to flex at impact. The forward CG location on Epic Speed, combined with a new leading-edge design, promotes a strong ball flight with less spin. An oversized head and shallow face make Epic Max an ideal option for a wider handicap range. Launch and spin can be altered depending on where the two sole weights (2 and 14 grams) are positioned. Check out 150+ reviews from our gear experts in the ClubTest 2021 collection
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Srixon’s Rebound Frame Technology and triangular rear weight helps deliver higher and straighter drives for golfers who need more carry and forgiveness.

Srixon ZX5 Driver

OUR TAKE: The ZX Drivers (ZX5 and ZX7) both pack a punch when it comes to added distance and forgiveness. One tester chimed in by saying, “The traditional shaping and the red line on the back look great. The ball feels really fast off the face. It’s best one I’ve hit of the day.” Speaking of hits, the two models offer golfer a choice between a higher trajectory or a more penetrating one.  THE DETAILS: A carbon crown and Rebound Frame combine to increase distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, and adjustable hosel and two rear and low weight ports enable golfers to fine tune the CG placement and face angle for a draw or fade shotshape. The more triangular ZX5 has a higher MOI and produces a higher ballflight, whereas the rounder ZX7 yields affords more shotmaking playability and produces a more penetrating launch.  Check out 150+ reviews from our gear experts in the ClubTest 2021 collection
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Not every golfer wants to draw the ball. For those who need help controlling a hook, testers found the TaylorMade SIM2 to induce the most fade spin during flight.

TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

OUR TAKE: Asked to describe the look of the new SIM2 drivers, our testers labeled them as “futuristic,” “modern” and “fast.”  And who can argue when there’s all of that new-age carbon on the sole? While TaylorMade’s SIM2 drivers carry on the original name of the SIM (Shape in Motion) drivers that excelled in 2020, the company has made a few big changes. One initially skeptical GOLF tester took notice of the improvements: “I tried to hit the original SIM last year, but this new one feels a million times more solid. This is going to be tough to beat.”   THE DETAILS:  To craft its new SIM2 heads, TaylorMade combined proven technologies from recent years (TwistFace, Inertia Generator, Speed-Injected faces, thru-slots, carbon crowns) with all-new designs to make the drivers more forgiving. Most notably, a new sole plate is made up entirely of carbon composite to save weight, and there’s a new blue aluminum back ring, which connects the rear sole to the crown. The new pieces work together to drive weight back for better performance on mishits. Not a fan of the blue colorway? TaylorMade is now allowing for personalized color changes on five different areas in the heads through its MySIM2 custom platform.  Check out 150+ reviews from our gear experts in the ClubTest 2021 collection
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