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Play your best golf this summer with these simple equipment tweaks.

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Welcome to Gear Questions You’re Afraid to Ask, a GOLF.com series produced in partnership with Cleveland/Srixon Golf. This week we cover a few things we think you should do relative to your gear to ensure a hassle-free season of golf.

What are some things I should do to get my clubs ready for the summer golf season? — Mark M., Minnesota

Why wait for summer? We’re already deep into spring, and the golf season is underway across most of the country. And because we’re just as excited as you are to spend more time on the course, let’s hurry up and dive into our top-10 recommendations to optimize your gear for your best golf season yet.

Clean your clubs

It’s time to bid farewell to 2022 and start fresh in 2023 by thoroughly cleaning the filthy muck off your clubs. Use a soft brush for irons and a softer microfiber towel for your woods, driver, and putter. Any soap will do, though we recommend Simple Green. Also, don’t forget to wash and scrub your grips too.

GrooveIt Brush

This handy brush boasts heavy-duty nylon bristles with a 3-year replacement warranty. The self-contained tube holds water or cleaning solution to last several rounds.

Consider upgrading to some new grips

Now is the perfect time to have fresh grips installed on all your clubs. Worn-out grips may require you to grip the club tighter, limiting your swing and hurting your game. A new set of tacky, comfortable grips can breathe new life into your older clubs.

Ultimate Grip

The Garsen Ultimate grip brings the innovation of side facing thumb position to a full size, comfortable, and slightly less exaggerated feel.

Inspect your gear

It’s surprising how many people neglect this step, even among our peers here at GOLF.com HQ. Look for scuffs, dents, and wear, but also check the loft and lie of your irons. Suffice to say, many golfers haven’t had their specifications checked since their last fitting. A club fitting expert can quickly identify and address issues like a 7-iron flying as far as an 8-iron or why your 6-iron just doesn’t feel right.

Golf club lie angle
Understanding the finer details of your golf clubs | The Build Shop
By: Ryan Barath

Upgrade your wedges

We’ve mentioned this recently, but it’s worth repeating. Properly-fitted wedges tailored to your playing style, preferred courses, and shot preferences can make a significant difference. Better yet, sharper grooves on your wedges will make your short shots that much better. Also, buying a new wedge doesn’t always mean buying the same one year after year. Some players need more shotmaking control, but others might want to lean toward a wedge that’s more forgiving. Case in point, Cleveland’s Smart Sole 4 comes with a huge sole to prevent digging and to make bunker shots much, much easier.

Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face Wedge

Cleveland’s signature Rotex Milling, Laser Milling, and Tour Zip Grooves cover every part of the club face to ensure you get maximum versatility and maximum spin on every single swing.

Try a high-lofted fairway wood

This club category is woefully often overlooked. If you struggle with hybrids and desire a club that launches the ball high with added spin, consider a wood with a loft that’s 16° or higher. And in case you’re wondering, this isn’t advice geared only for amateurs. Many top professionals carry at least one high-lofted wood in their bags.

Srixon ZX Custom Fairway Wood

Designed to give you confidence from the deck and the tee box alike, the ZX Fairway Woods feature the Cannon Sole for an optimal center of gravity plus increased ball speed.

Replace outdated golf balls

It’s time to say goodbye to old, waterlogged, faded, scuffed, and cracked golf balls. Refresh your supply and consider trying new options, especially those with vibrant colors and alignment aids. The Q-STAR Tour Divide from Srixon comes in various colors with a dual-tone matte finish. It’s super-popular again this year.

Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 2023 Golf Balls

To push the limits of your game, you need a ball with all the right ingredients. That’s why the entire Z-STAR Series was designed to deliver tour-level distance, control and feel, from tee to green.


Remember to XYZ, which stands for “examine your zipper.” Just like you would inspect your favorite pair of jeans, take a moment to inspect your golf bag for holes, tears, or broken zippers. If you have damage, now is a good time to consider getting a new bag to start the season in style. And while you’re at it, go ahead and restock your bag with essentials like tees, gloves, and sunscreen.

Vessel Player IV Stand Bag

Refined feature upgrades include: increased beverage storage, purposeful pockets, and an internal base divider to keep grips separated for effortless club retrieval.

Embrace some shades

If Phil Mickelson wears sunglasses, why shouldn’t you? Modern sunglasses offer improved vision with color-enhancing lenses and full UV protection. Even if you prefer not to wear them while swinging or putting, wearing sunglasses between shots can benefit your eyes and keep allergies out. Good luck looking as suave as Phil, though.

Upgrade your golf shoes

Today’s golf shoes come in various styles, and the latest models are more comfortable than ever. Some designs even optimize ground leverage for greater distance. Whether you prioritize comfort or performance-enhancing features, there’s a shoe suitable for every player type and preference.

Seek summer closeouts in a few months

While enjoying the spring and summer golf season, keep an eye out for late-summer sales. Retailers often offer discounts on current or previous year’s gear to make room for upcoming winter releases. Come July and August, you might find some excellent opportunities to save a wad of cash.

Want to overhaul your bag for 2023? Find a fitting location near you at True Spec Golf, and for more on the latest gear news and information, check out our latest Fully Equipped podcast below!

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