WATCH: Video of curious bear on golf course takes unexpected turn

Bear on golf course


Today is a slow news day, so here we are writing about a bear that’s terrified by a set of stationary golf clubs. You are welcome.

It was uploaded to YouTube just a couple of days ago via the channel ViralHog, and according to the author this took place at Swaneset Bay Resort and Country Club in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, on Aug. 3.

Most people would be terrified to run into a bear on a golf course, but turns out this bear was actually petrified and confused of a stand bag loaded with clubs. According to the author, the bear came running at him while he was on the 12th hole, so the golfer dropped his club and ran across the fairway.

The bear, however, was consumed by the golf clubs. After a couple of sneak attacks, in which the bear still seemed skeptical, it decided to run up a nearby tree. About 30 seconds later it came down and sprinted the other way down the fairway.

Golf clubs 1, bear 0.

You can check it out below.

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