Steph Curry’s bucket-list courses? He’s a golf nerd just like us

October 22, 2019
There are a few great golf courses NBA star Steph Curry hasn't played yet.

GOLF recently spent time with Golden State Warriors star and perenial NBA MVP candidate Steph Curry, and Curry illuminated us on what’s it like to play with pros in competition, and the differences between Tour golfers and your average scratch, among other things.

But Curry also offered up a few choices for his bucket-list golf courses: the courses he wants to play more than any other before he dies. Despite his fame and golf connections, there are a few top tracks he hasn’t played yet, believe it or not.

The first and foremost course on Curry’s list is none other than what is often ranked as the best in the entire world: Pine Valley. The extremely-exclusive New Jersey track is tough to get onto, even for the likes of an NBA star/aspiring pro golfer. But by all accounts, the unique design is well worth the wait.

Next on Curry’s list is not actually a golf course, but a country stuffed full of iconic tracks: Ireland. Curry admits he’s never been to the Emerald Isle, but it’s one of the top places he wants to visit and play golf.

There are a few great golf courses NBA star Steph Curry hasn't played yet.
There are a few great golf courses NBA star Steph Curry hasn't played yet.
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The final course Curry is anxious to get on is one he’s already played: Augusta National. Curry has had the opportuntiy to tee it up at the home of the Masters multiple times, but each round featured the course conditions members usually enjoy. What Curry is really dying to do is play Augusta under major-championship conditions.

“I would love to play Augusta the Monday after the Masters just to get the full experience of what the conditions are like and how fast the green are,” Curry told GOLF. “I’ve been fortunate enough to play a couple times but it’s been a couple months before (the Masters], so that would be pretty cool.”

Interestingly, the easiest way Curry could make that happen would be to quit basketball and become a golf journalist. Each year at the Masters, Augusta chooses several media members via lottery to play the course the Monday after the tournament.

To hear more about Steph’s thoughts no golf, check out his interview in a recent episode of our Drop Zone podcast below.

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