Field guide: Sand Valley is golf bliss, and it’s only getting better

Sand Valley has two 18-hole courses with a third on the way.

Christian Hafer

Ed. note: As GOLF’s chief photographer and visual editor, Christian Hafer visits some of the most gorgeous and exclusive golf courses and properties in the world. Here, in his Field Guide, he’ll take you along for the ride. Lucky for us, Christian never leaves home without his camera. Follow Christian Hafer on Instagram here.

After three trips to the same spot, you’re bound to get bored. Right? I mean, 36 holes a day over and over might get old. But Sand Valley is different. From The Sandbox to the six-hole Sand Valley loop or maybe even a sunset match on Mammoth Dunes — there is no shortage of rollicking golf.

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Better yet, the more I play these courses the more I find that brings me back: new lines and adventurous quirks and challenges are everywhere. There’s always a new speed slot or a new way to play a hole closer to the ground.

Located just three hours from Chicago in Nekoosa, Wis., Sand Valley is easily accessible. I drove from Central Pennsylvania and in 14 hours I was pegging a tee and looping Mammoth Dunes (on the way are plenty of cool tracks to check out, but we’ll have more on that soon).

There are two amazing 18-hole courses already in play, and Tom Doak has been tapped for a third.

There are two amazing 18-hole courses already in play, and Tom Doak has been tapped for a third. But the most fun you’ll have on the property is the sub-2,000-yard par-3 course aptly named The Sandbox.

A lot of folks, especially now, are looking for safe golf trips they can drive to. For anyone in the Midwest or parts of the East Coast, I’d put Sand Valley at the top of that list.

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