lang="en-US"> 10 keys to pulling off an unforgettable golf trip with your friends

10 keys to pulling off an unforgettable golf trip with your friends

Every buddies trip needs a set of rules. Yours is no different.

Planning a golf trip? Great! But don’t forget these 10 Commandments.

1. Commitment
Is it one foursome? Two? Three threesomes? Every trip needs a clearly defined number of participants — and undying commitment from all. If half the group is on the fence, you’re planning on eight and ending up with five… and nothing is worse than five.

2. A Commish
Select your Jay Monahan — a responsible, clued-in commissioner who knows the plans, everyone’s contact info, flight schedules, etc. With this great responsibility comes one great benefit: When a group vote is deadlocked, the commish gets the final word.

3. A Name
Tour pro Joel Dahmen plays with his pals in the annual “Hack Masters.” Charles Barkley and the on-air b-ball talent at TNT tee it up in the “Black Masters.” Your squad needs a unique moniker, too. All trip communications should involve this name, so make it memorable!

4. A Zany Format
Handicaps are important, sure, but simple matches based off index alone are uninspiring. Get creative. Make your own Ryder Cup with captains and an opening ceremony. Host a draft of available free agents. Anything to add spice.

5. The Thread
Once your trip is booked, cue the anticipation. Start a thread and keep it humming! GroupMe, WhatsApp, e-mail or group text — whatever works best to let the smack talk flow.

6. The Grand Prize
Camaraderie and catching up are great, but what are we playing for? Bragging rights must involve a trophy. Feel free to weird out. A green jacket? Meh. A purple paisley jacket for the Prince Masters? Now we’re talking!

7. Side Action
Sometimes your golf game doesn’t board the plane with you. Help a battered team stay happy and hungry by offering betting on individual matches.

8. An Indoor Backup Plan
Mother Nature can be a pill, so prepare an indoor safe haven. This could be a simulator, Topgolf, or a Golden Tee-equipped pub — anything golfy to keep the gang together.

9. Evening Options
Not everyone can golf by day and gallivant by night, but most groups have several members with endless stamina. Make sure these party animals have an option or two at their disposal …and that they set their morning alarm.

10. A Booby Prize
To the winners go the spoils; to the losers go the gags. Consider an ugly golf relic — whoever finishes last has to lug it in their bag for a year. It’s inspiration for their redemption next year.

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