Devil Steals Golf Ball

February 10, 2015

French prankster Rémi Gaillard has gained fame for hidden camera prank videos where he dumps mud on cars leaving a car wash while dressed a giant pigeon or hops around town in a kangaroo suit, causing mayhem. Think: Le Jackass.

In a recent video, Gaillard takes his camera to a golf course. First, Gaillard sneaks onto the green dressed as an angel and takes two golf balls hit onto the green and puts them in the hole, tricking the golfers into thinking they made holes-in-one.

But the action really picks up when Gaillard dresses in a devil suit and steals the ball of a golfer lining up a putt. Like any self-respecting golfer, the player chases Gaillard. Who wins? Take a look:

Remember, the French thought Jerry Lewis was funny too.

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