WATCH: Tiger makes incredible escape from trees after slamming trunk on follow-through

March 8, 2018

Tiger Woods found himself in the trees left of the 16th fairway at the Valspar on Thursday, but he escaped with a par (and apparently without an injury).

Woods’s drive was wild left, and he had 198 yards and a tight window to the green. Hit hit a fantastic low, hooded hook shot that finished just short of the putting surface, but his club and hands slammed into a tree on his follow-through, and the club went flying. Woods walked down the fairway and flexed his left hand/wrist area and grimaced a few times.

Woods chipped on and made par and apparently felt no lingering effects after his round, saying he was “fine” when asked about the approach on 16. But if his tee shot on the par-3 17th was any indication (which led to a birdie), there’s no reason to worry. He finished with a one-under 70.