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WATCH: Pro uses compass to gauge wind on way to victory using only 13 clubs

December 4, 2017

A lot of bizarre things happened during Dylan Frittelli’s ultimately victorious final round at the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open on Sunday.

For one, Frittelli broke one of his irons in half hitting a recovery shot on the 6th hole, forcing him to play most of the round with just 13 clubs.

But in an even stranger occurrence on Sunday, Frittelli pulled a compass out of his bag, put it on ground and then crouched over it before hitting an approach shot out of the fairway. Turns out the European tour pro was taking advantage of a little known technique to gauge the wind direction. You can see the man (and compass) in action below.

While rarely seen, Frittelli’s compass technique is fully legal on the course. It’s even specifically detailed in decision 14-3/4 of the Rules of Golf.

14-3/4 Use of Compass During Round

Q. A player uses a compass during a stipulated round to help determine the direction of the wind or the direction of the grain in the greens. Is the player in breach of Rule 14-3?

A. No. A compass only provides directional information and does not gauge or measure variable conditions or assist the player in his play.

So the two-time Euro tour winner cannot be punished for his act, and I would even hesitate to laugh at it. After all, the guy shot 67 and won the tournament.