WATCH: The latest Tiger vs. Phil hype video is the best one yet

November 9, 2018
Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson

In case you haven’t heard, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are playing in a head-to-head, winner-take-all match over Thanksgiving weekend.

Ever since the news of “The Match” broke back in July, additional details and juicy tidbits have been trickling in.

First, there were barbs on Twitter, then the release of a hype video and the announcement of an HBO series at the end of October.

Just this week, a new video of Tiger and Phil playing “golf pong” hit the internet.

All of this was meant to whet the appetite of the Tiger and Phil faithful, but the content released thus far has felt slightly awkward and even a little forced.

That is, until Thursday, when Turner Sports released the latest Tiger vs. Phil hype-machine creation: a video entitled “Destiny.”

Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson
Big money is on the line when Phil faces off against Tiger.

It begins with scenes from both Tiger and Phil’s youth. A quick montage of their U.S. Amateur victories and early professional career triumphs is coupled with both their own commentary and famous calls from the tournament broadcasts.

The video then ramps up with more recent footage of the two stars, respectful observations from each on the other’s game and finally a reiteration of their own will to win. The final scene? A black screen, Tiger Vs. Phil. 11-23-18.

It’s an awesome video for several reasons, but mostly because it invites nostalgia for Tiger and Phil’s dominant years, and it’s a great reminder of the incredible careers they’ve both enjoyed since they first burst on the scene so many years ago. Fist pumps abound, and the music, pacing and content are all just right. If you’re not yet excited for November 23, here’s your chance! You can watch the full video below.

“The Match” is slated for the Friday after Thanksgiving at 3:00 p.m. ET. The event, which will cost viewers $19.99 to stream on pay-per-view, will be played at Shadow Creek Golf Club in Las Vegas. Oh, and $9 million will be on the line.