Watch these 3 golfy things while stuck at home this weekend

April 4, 2020
tiger woods teaching a clinic

Have you already binged through Tiger King? Are you getting tired of watch reruns of The Office? Are you still trying to fill the void that a lack of sports has created in your life? Fear not, because there are still countless golfy videos on YouTube you can watch to fill your time.

Here are three of my favorites you can watch this weekend.

Tiger Woods Range Clinic

This is a hidden gem from 2004 with just 600 views at the time of writing this. Watch for 23 minutes as Woods goes through his bag and explains his thinking on a variety of shots. One interesting tidbit comes at the 4:20 mark as he shares some insight he got from Mark O’Meara.

“He said, ‘The key to golf is always being pin high,” Woods says. “If you’re pin high on each and every shot, you’re not going to be too far off.’ I took that to heart.”

Woods is known for (among other things) his elite iron play, and distance control is a huge part in that equation. It’s cool to see the emphasis he put on distance control even early in his career and how dedicated he’s been to that game plane since.

Mini Putt Perfect Round

While this is a short video, it is well worth a watch as YouTube user BryGuySaysHi pulls off the unthinkable and scores a perfect round of the web browser mini golf game Mini Putt.

“It has never been done in the history of life,” he says.

While we can’t accurately fact check if that claim is true, the feat is impressive all the same. As an avid back-of-the-class Mini Putt player growing up, I was astounded by the creativity he showcased during the round. Simply double clicking on the hole on No. 7 for an auto hole-in-one? I never would have guessed.

I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day.

Payne Stewart Lesson

If you need some technical teachings on the golf swing, watch this video of the late great Payne Stewart as he gives a 10-minute lesson on hitting long irons. Many players have a fear of the long irons, but Stewart’s teaching breaks down the technique in a simple and easy-to-digest manner.

“There’s no reason to fear the long irons,” Stewart says. “Everything is built right into the club to allow you to hit it as you would any other club.”

It’s always fascinating to get inside the mind of a pro and their swing philosophy, and Stewart provides plenty of valuable nuggets to apply to your own game.

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