WATCH: Eastern Michigan student nails full court putt for $10,000

January 10, 2018

Full court putts are in vogue, and it’s only January. We’re not even near March Madness yet.

Just days after a Clemson student won $10,000 by cashing a 94-footer on the hardwood, the same thing happened at Eastern Michigan during halftime of their game against Central Michigan. Student Jake Lackey lined up the putt from under one hoop and sent it rolling to the other.

It’s hard to tell if there was really any break at all — maybe a fastbreak! — but it went in the goal nonetheless. No apologies for that pun. No apologies from Lackey either, who confirmed afterward that he’s “not a golf player.” Check out his putt below as well as his reaction interview after the fact, in which he promises to take his mom on vacation with the winnings, but only after he pays off his rent.