Want more fun? Try putting your pencil down and stop keeping score

August 19, 2019

They say that happiness is reality without expectations. In golf, the risks and consequences we fear are largely attributable to the scorecard. By leaving pencil and paper behind, we can eliminate our expectations and, hopefully, the expectations of those around us. Suddenly, the group consists of equals, who are simply playing golf and enjoying all the idiosyncrasies that make it so beguiling. Laughing with the company around us. Appreciating the serenity of the course.

Relishing the moments where our clubface strikes the ball pure. Anyone who appreciates the game will tell you there is an ineffable sensation you can experience on the course.

When I’ve felt it, really felt it, it’s been when the score doesn’t matter. Sinking a long birdie putt isn’t the same as tapping in for double, but sometimes — maybe all the time — keeping track of a different type of score is more valuable. This “different score”? How much pleasure can you experience on the fairways and greens with friends old and new.