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Twenty bucks to watch Tiger vs. Phil? Twitter is not impressed

October 26, 2018

More details are starting to trickle out regarding the made-for-TV match-play event featuring Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

We have sponsors, a date, a start time and, of course, a pay-per-view price. Many, at least based off GOLF.com’s Twitter poll, are not thrilled about the price of $19.99.

According to the poll, which as of this writing has been live for about 20 hours and received more than 3,300 votes, 71 percent said there is “no chance” they are paying a cool Jackson to watch Mickelson and Woods duel it out. The other 29 percent said they were game.

A sampling of some of the comments:

“I’d rather put the money towards my green fees that day.”

“Really? Pay-per-view? I’m a huge golf nerd but I’m not paying to see it.”

“It’s hardly Clash of the Titans. Couple of guys that aren’t the force they used to be. Granted Tiger has been playing well, Ryder Cup not included.”

“Probably [would pay] if either shows they are taking it seriously.”

“Me and 3 buddies, 5 bucks a piece. Umm yeah.”

But maybe Twitter users are more pessimistic than Instagramers. The same question was asked on GOLF.com’s Instagram page, and 58 percent said they would pay $19.99 to watch the duel. Forty-two percent said no.

Mickelson was on TNT’s NBA broadcast on Thursday night — TNT has broadcasting rights for The Match — and said fans aren’t getting just 18 holes of golf with their $20 fee. There’s plenty more to the action.

“We’re going to have little challenges that can maybe get in each other’s heads,” he said. “You have a downhill putt? I’ll bet you 50 Gs that you miss it.”

Capital One’s The Match: Tiger vs. Phil, its official name, is scheduled for 3 p.m. ET on Nov. 23 at Shadow Creek outside of Las Vegas. The purse is set at $9 million, but both players will donate portions to charity.