WATCH: Phil Mickelson is preparing for the Ryder Cup… with long-range sniper shooting?

September 13, 2018
Phil Mickelson

Before Phil Mickelson tees off in next week’s Tour Championship, he’s spending his free time preparing for the Ryder Cup in his own unique way.

Mickelson, who seems to be enjoying his first month on social media, tweeted a video on Wednesday night while on a shooting range.

“How is today’s long range sniper shooting preparing me for the Ryder Cup?” he wrote. “Meditation, controlling my thoughts, breathing, heart rate and connecting with the target are critical for both!”

The 21-second video shows Mickelson leaning over a rifle (and sporting a U.S. Ryder Cup hat). “Twelve-hundred-fifty yards,” he said. “Slight crosswind.” [Inhale. Exhale]. Boom! The 48-year-old then slowly turns his head toward the camera. “Nailed it,” he said.

Check out the video below.