Tour Championship Live Blog: Follow Tiger Woods in final round at East Lake

September 23, 2018
tiger woods sunday tour championship

The final round of the 2018 Tour Championship is upon us, and Tiger Woods is looking to capture his first win in over five years. You can follow Tiger’s final round at East Lake below.

Woods fired a five-under 65 on Saturday, which included six birdies over his first seven holes, to take a three-shot lead. He is playing the final round on Sunday alongside Rory McIlroy, who is tied for second at nine under. World No.1 Justin Rose also begins the day at nine under. Rose is still ranked first in the race for the FedEx Cup and its $10 million bonus.

Will Tiger finally end his years-long victory drought and capture his 80th PGA Tour victory? And can he pass Rose and win his third-career FedEx Cup title?

Follow the all the final round action from East Lake below.




5:59: He misses. It doesn’t matter. Taps for par. And Woods is clearly emotional. Tears as the crowd goes crazy. What a moment. What a comeback. It’s over and it’s official. Win No. 80, and all things considered, it’s perhaps the most stunning of his career. Thanks for reading. This was one historic day.

5:58: Woods now. Four feet for birdie.

5:56: Woods from the bunker, knocks it to 4 feet. All his to do is four-putt. And he’s smiling. It’s over.

5:53: Fans continue to tail Woods up the fairway. They’re going bananas. Awesome scene.

5:51: From 227, Woods takes a five iron…and drops it into a greenside bunker. It’ll take a little luster off his walk to the green, but the lie looked OK.

5:50: Up ahead, Rose closes with a 73 — not great, but good enough to hang on to the top spot in the FedEx. He’s your $10 million man.

5:49: Fans are flooding the 18th fairway behind the final group. Such a cool scene.

5:46: Woods lets it fly off the tee and it is Right. Down. The. Middle. Does he go for the green or lay up? I’m thinking lay up.

5:44: He drains it. Clutch! He walks to the par 5 18th with a two-shot lead.

5:42: He resets and makes a nice pitch that comes up about 3 feet short. He’ll have that for a par. And yeah, it’s big.

5:40: Tiger now from the back of the green. He’s distracted by a fan or a photog…has to reset.

5:38: Woods’s shot is away…and it flies the green. He’ll have a tricky little up and down to save that par. Bogey still OK. I would prefer not to consider a double bogey.

5:36: The left rough on 16 is thick and it’s a tough angle to the green. NBC broadcast says only two guys have hit the green from that rough all week. Woods will wait for McIlroy to play first as he assesses his options.

5:31: Tiger now on the tee on the par-4 17th. And it’s another one left of the fairway. Looked like his foot slipped a bit on the follow-though. We’ll have to see what kind of look he has from there.

5:29: Tiger’s putt drifts to the right at the end. It’s a bogey, and he drops to -11. He leads by two with two holes to play. Am I nervous? I’m not nervous. You’re nervous. Do I seem nervous? Who’s nervous?

5:27: Woods now with a wedge into the green. It lands in the back fringe and gets hung up. He thought it might spin back, but no luck. He’ll have a putt through the fringe of about 12 feet to save his par.

5:23: Woods has tree trouble on 16, so he takes a sand wedge and knocks it down the fairway.

5:21: Off the tee on 16, Woods takes a rip, but pulls it into the left rough. He just has to protect this three-shot lead over the final three holes to close it out.

5:20: Up ahead on 18, Billy Horschel makes birdie to post -9. He trails Woods by 3, but he’s the clubhouse leader.

5:18: Woods for par … and it burns the right edge. He falls to 12 under, still four shots clear with three to play.

5:15: Woods plays a little bump and run from the bank, and it settles about 8 feet short. Solid, safe shot. He’ll have that for par.

5:11: On the tee at 15, Woods shoves an iron shot short and right and…WOW, it BARELY stays out of the water, instead hanging up in the rough on the bank. If it was cut down like Augusta, that ball is swimming. Instead, Woods will have a chance to get up and down for par. And really, he has shots to burn, but good for him that he kept that tee shot dry.

5:09: Up head on 18, DJ lips out a 4-footer. That might take him out of the running for a back-door FedEx win. That prize looks like Rose’s to lose.

5:08: On the par-3 15th Rose makes a par. There’s just no charge happening there, but he has a shot at the $10 million prize. Woods now will tee off over the lake on that par 3.

5:05: Tiger now for birdie..20 feet. It’s tracking…tracking…and JUST misses on the high side. He’ll tap for par and he’s still 13 under. A five shot lead with four to play. It’s essentially a coronation.

5:00: Steve Sands jumps into the broadcast with the latest FedEx standings. Rose is the projected winner, but if he drops another shot or two, Woods could jump up and claim the $10 bonus. This is the last year we’ll need Sands to decipher the standings for us in the middle of a final round. He’s going out in style.

4:59: Tiger now, with 215 to the pin…rips a towering iron shot to the center of the green. Gorgeous. He’ll have about 15 feet for birdie. All pars from here out would get the job done.

4:57: Up ahead on 14, Rose knocks in a 3-footer for bogey. He’s -6. The competition continues to drift away, clearing the stage for Woods.

4:52: Woods on the 14th tee now. Birdied this hole twice this week. And he’s down the left side and in the short stuff.

4:49: Tiger for birdie on 13…walks it in! Second of the day and he’s 13 under and five ahead. Wow.

4:47: Rory, who has dropped to five under on the day, misses a birdie putt on 13. Taps in for par.

4:44: Another green in regulation for Tiger here. Boy this is starting to really sink in now. He’s cruising.

4:40: Horschel birdies 15 and he’s eight under and in solo 2nd. Meanwhile Tiger bombs it down the fairway on 13.

4:36: Tiger just misses his birdie try on 12 on the low side. Tap-in par; he’s 12 under and leads by five with six to play.

4:33: Woods sticks it on 12. Good look at his fourth birdie of the week on this hole coming.

4:30: Tap-in par for Rose on 12. These guys chasing are running out of holes.

4:28: Short par-4 12th and Rory just barely rolls into the right rough. Good lie though. Tiger, who has birdied this hole in every round this week, finds the fairway again.

4:26: Tiger runs it by and then cleans up from about 3 feet to make his par. On to the 12th hole. He’s at 12 under and leads by five.

4:25: Beautiful pitch from McIlroy and that’s a tap-in par. Here comes Tiger for birdie…

4:24: Rose finds the fairway on the 12th. Just the third fairway he has hit today.

4:22: McIlroy misses the green right on the par-3 11th. Woods, at 12 under and leading by five, hits a seven-iron and drops it on the front middle of the green. Good shot. He’ll have about 15 feet or so for birdie.

4:18: But Rose, again, gives it right back to Tiger Woods. He bogeys the 11th, and is tied with Billy Horschel for second while Woods’s lead is again at five.

4:16: Bogey for Tiger. He left that one out to the right and never really gave it a chance. He still leads by four.

4:12: Tiger has to punch out from the trees, and then he wedges on to about 12 feet. First big test of the day on the greens coming up.

4:06: Tiger is right off the tee on the par-4 10th. Hit 5/7 fairways on the front nine.

4:03: Tiger with a two-putt par. That’s a birdie and eight pars on the front. He shoots one-under 34, makes the turn 13 under for the tournament and leads Rose by five. Rory shoots 39 on the front and is eight back.

3:58: Middle of the green for Tiger on the par-3 9th. Good, safe shot. Rory drops it to about 13 feet. That’s the shot he needed there.

3:55: Rose gives it right back. He bogeys 9 and the lead is back to five.

3:53: Bogey for McIlroy. Missed about a 12-footer for par and he’s four over on the day. Meanwhile Tiger makes par and is still 13 under, four up on Rose, who birdied 8 a few moments earlier.

3:49: Rory, from the rough, comes up just short of the green. Needs to get up and down for par.

3:45: Tricky second shot for Tiger. From 174 and in the sand he blasts out and finds the green. Great shot from there. Long birdie putt coming though.

3:41: Tiger finds the right fairway bunker on 8. Over-cut that one. Rory, who is now six under, misses the fairway waaaay right. Wow he’s struggling right now.

3:37: Tiger comes up short on his birdie try, but it’s a tap in for par. Still at 13 under. A birdie and six straight pars so far today.

3:36: Uh oh. Rory has to take a drop after a bad drive. Punches out but still not in the fairway. Pitches onto the green and misses his bogey putt. Makes double and he’s now six under.

3:33: Rahm pars 8, stays at 7 under and he is in six back of Tiger.

3:29: Tiger with a great approach on 7. Lands feet from the cup and rolls out. Looks like he will have 13-15 feet for another birdie.

3:28: Bad news for Rory. Looks like he might need to take a drop after his drive on 7.

3:27: Rose pars the 7th. He’s still eight under and tied with Rory, five back of Tiger.

3:25: Tiger smashes it down the middle of the fairway on 7. Great spot to be.

3:22: McIlroy makes his short birdie at 6 to move to back to -8 and tie Rose for second.

3:21: Tiger’s putt from the collar comes up woefully short, but he cleans it up from 4 feet to save par.

3:20: Ouch, Tiger duffs his chip from deep rough and it doesn’t even make it onto the green at 6.

3:19: McIlroy chips it to 2 feet with his third shot.

3:17: Bryson has been on a roll, although he just hit his tee shot into the water at 15:

3:16: McIlroy comes up short of the green with his own second shot at 6.

3:14: Tiger’s second shot at the par-5 6th hits the green and bounds of the edge into some rough. He’ll be chipping for eagle.

3:12: Rose makes a short par putt at the 6th, but that’s a disappointing result there. He remains in 1st in the FedEx Cup rankings, though, Bryson DeChambeau just went to -3 and passed Tiger to take the 2nd spot.

3:09: Now for the par-5 6th, the easiest hole on the golf course. Tiger crushes another great drive into the fairway. He’s driving incredibly well this week, possibly better than he ever has in terms of accuracy. McIlroy knocks one into the short grass, too.

3:07: McIlroy can’t convert his mid-range par putt on 5 so he drops another shot. He’s now at -7, six shots behind Tiger.

3:06: Tiger’s birdie putt from 19 feet just grazes the edge of the cup and comes to rest an inch away. Another par, but his lead has grown to five shots.

3:04: McIlroy putts from off the green over 100 feet away and hits it past the hole and almost off the 5th green.

3:03: With his backswing obstructed by a tree, McIlroy is able to hit a wedge over another tree up to the front of the green. Good result from there.

3:02: With McIlroy stuck in the trees, Tiger goes first from 121 yards and sticks it to about 15 feet.

3:00: Justin Rose misses a par putt up ahead at the 5th green to drop to -8. Tiger now has a five-shot lead at the Tour Championship.

2:59: How long was Tiger’s drive at the 5th? 325 yards.

2:58: We’ve seen a lot of these today:

2:56: Tiger’s drive at the par-4 5th is a good one and finds the left center of the fairway. Rory, on the other hand, smacks his drive way left into the trees.

2:54: Rory makes his come-backer. That bogey drops him to -8 and out of second place. Rose is alone at -9, four back of Tiger.

2:53: What a save. Tiger rolls his 10-footer right into the center of the cup to remain at -13 through four holes.

2:51: Rory putts first and misses. He’ll drop at least one shot at the 4th. Tiger’s mid-range par putt is next.

2:49: Tiger’s sand shot comes up 10 feet short, but it’s below the hole. McIlroy’s shot from the other bunker nearer to the hole ends up in about the same spot.

2:46: And there’s his first missed green of the day. Tiger hits a poor shot from the right rough that finds the front right greenside bunker a looooong way from the hole.

2:41: Tiger hits a slightly shaky drive at the par-4 4th hole that tails off to the right and just sneaks into the rough. He should be alright from there unless he gets a really unlucky lie. Rory follows and knocks it into the left rough, but his ball is staying up.

2:38: Tiger can’t convert his curving left-to-righter and he taps in for another par. He remains at -13 with a four-shot lead. Rory cleans up for par to stay at -9.

2:36: Rory nearly makes his long birdie try, but it has too much pace and rolls a few feet past.

2:34: Tiger hits a full lob wedge from 112 and leaves it about 12 feet past the hole. He’ll have another great look at bird. Rory is 25 feet away.

2:32: Justin Rose is stuck in neutral so far through three holes. He’s T2 at -9 and will nee to fall back for Tiger to win the FedEx Cup.

2:29: At the short par-4 3rd, Tiger hits an iron off the tee right into the middle of the fairway, and Rory follows suit. Both are in great position.

2:26: Tiger’s putt from just under 38 feet tracks all the way but comes up just a foot or so short. He taps in for par at No. 2. Rory makes his par putt as well.

2:24: Rory hits a really nice chip from a tough lie and sets up a 2-foot putt for par.

2:20: Tiger hits a decent tee shot at the 202-yard par-3 6th. He’ll have about 30 feet for birdie. Rory knocks his shot just over the green into some deep rough.

2:19: Here’s a look at Tiger’s opening birdie:

2:18: BIRDIE! Tiger drops his putt for the first birdie of the day at the 1st! He’s now at -13 and has a four-shot lead.

2:16: Rory’s birdie putt runs a few feet past the hole. Now Tiger’s up from 10 feet.

2:13: Rory’s second ends up safely on the green but a long way from the hole. Advantage: Tiger.

2:11: Tiger has 164 yards left at the difficult 1st hole, and he hits a beautiful approach to within 10 feet. There have been no birdies at 1 so far today.

2:08: McIlroy bombs it passed Tiger’s drive in the fairway and we’re off.

2:06: Tiger takes out his drive on the 1st and smashes it down the middle of the fairway. Confident start for Woods.

1:58: Here’s a little video to get the goosebumps going:

1:56: We’re just nine minutes away from Tiger Woods’s final round tee time at the Tour Championship.