The Social: Tiger Woods, Anthony Kim leave golf fans buzzing with intrigue

April 29, 2019

Welcome to The Social, where we dive into the good, bad, crazy, insane, viral, hilarious — well, you get the picture — of the past week in social media.

With Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim making headlines in the golf world this week, it was a reminder that the more things change, the more we crave the same things. Unfortunately, it wasn’t positive news about either. GolfTV gave us all a scare with a gimpy Tiger video and Kim didn’t provide the update golf fans have been yearning to hear.

Tiger of Old? (and not in a good way)

When this video of Tiger dropped it instantly received the exact opposite reaction that it was intended to. We saw the Tiger of old return at Augusta National to win the Masters. Now, it appears the old version of Tiger struggling to walk has also returned. Which Tiger can we expect to see moving forward? It’s hard to say, especially after the news dropped that Tiger will no longer be playing in the Wells Fargo.

For now, I’ll give Tiger the benefit of the doubt that he had probably just finished up his leg day workout routine. That has to be what caused Tiger to walk around like a fragile old man, right?!

Oh my God, it’s Anthony Kim…

Anthony Kim is golf’s version of Big Foot. When spotted, the footage is dissected like the Zapruder film. One fan recognized Kim at a Southern California bakery and AK was kind enough to oblige him with a photo. On top of that, Kim allegedly supplied this fan with a status update on his golf game: it’s non-existent.

If Kim did indeed say that, I wish he was never asked in the first place. At the same time, would Kim really share the truth with a complete stranger? My guess is that AK was trying to bait him into a hustle on a high-stakes game.

Bawitda-hell was that shot?

Keep a close eye on your drink around Kid Rock. While I wouldn’t put it past the Rockstar to seek an adult beverage, in this case, I’m talking about when Kid Rock is lining up to hit his next golf shot. Kid Rock played in the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Pro-Am on the PGA Tour Champions circuit over the weekend. With fans lined up for his shot just off the fairway, an errant strike lined the ball directly into a spectator’s cup.

On the bright side, no injuries to speak of occurred. That could’ve been a disastrous scene. Frankly, one that I would expect to see more often – especially during Pro-Ams. Something tells me Kid Rock didn’t hesitate to buy this woman another round. I’d only be surprised if he didn’t get one for himself after that shot, too.

Golf’s slow-play hero

There’s no doubt that slow play has become an epidemic of sorts in pro golf. Round times have become excruciatingly slow. Occasionally, a pro golfer speaks out and drops a line against slow play, but never really sticks with the messaging. It always seems to be a one-off thing.

Edoardo Molinari looks like he might be the exception to the rule.

Not only did Molinari call out slow play, he took it to the next level and released names and times of players on the European Tour. Molinari might just become the hero pro golf needs.

Instruction Tip of the Week

Those pesky downhill lies always get me. Every. Single. Time. I have zero confidence in where the ball is going to end up. Recently I started taking half swings in an attempt to hit safe, low line-drives just to avoid catastrophe.

But thanks to teaching pro Nathalie Filler’s tip this week, I finally feel like I have a game plan for my next downhill encounter. Check out this tip and start improving your own game.