Some pros say Phil Mickelson should be DQ’d from U.S. Open for his controversial penalty

U.S. Open tournament officials reviewed Phil Mickelson’s putting fiasco during the third round and assessed him a two-stroke penalty for violating Rule 14-5, but other observers believe the punishment should have been harsher, including some pro golfers.

People who follow professional golf were in a collective state of disbelief Saturday after witnessing Phil Mickelson run after his ball on the 13th green and then hit it while it was still moving.

Mickelson took a 10 on the hole after officials made their ruling. In a swiftly organized press briefing Saturday afternoon, John Bodenhamer of the USGA said Phil would not be disqualified from the event because he did not “purposely stop or deflect the ball,” and, in doing so, violate Rule 1-2.

Some golf observers, including at least three pro golfers, aren’t buying that explanation, and took to Twitter to make it known that Lefty should have been disciplined with a DQ. The pros reacting include Steven Bowditch, Eddie Pepperell, and Eduardo Molinari. Other pros didn’t have as harsh of a viewpoint.

You can see their thoughts below.

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