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Woman struck by Brooks Koepka tee shot loses vision in eye, plans to sue Ryder Cup organizers

October 2, 2018

The spectator injured by an errant tee shot from Brooks Koepka Friday morning at the Ryder Cup has reportedly lost vision in her right eye and plans to sue organizers.

When Koepka reached his tee shot at the par-4 6th on Friday morning, Corine Remande, 49, lay on her back. The ball had struck her in the head near her right eye.

“She was bleeding pretty good,” Koepka said later that day. “It looked like it hit her right in the eye, so hopefully there’s no, you know, loss of vision or anything like that.”

Unfortunately, that result seems to be the case. According to multiple reports Remande has lost vision in her right eye, and, according to her husband Raphael, it is only possible that she may be able to see shapes when the bruising eases in the coming weeks. Speaking with reporters after leaving the hospital, Corine added information about the procedure. She said that a scan confirmed her eyeball “exploded” and her eye socket was fractured. Surgeons were reportedly able to sew the eyeball back together, but permanent damage seems to have been done.

Remande was treated generously by Koepka on the scene, receiving a signed glove and an apology from the golfer. Koepka himself took to social media on Tuesday, releasing a statement himself.

Speaking to reporters after being released from the hospital, Remande says she plans to sue the organizers of the event, in this case the EPGA, (telling the Telegraph, “officials did not shout any warning as the player’s ball went into the crowd.”

When reached for comment, the European Tour issued the following statement: “It is distressing to hear that someone might suffer long term consequences from a ball strike.

“The spectator hit by a ball at the 6th hole during Friday’s play was treated by first responders immediately and taken to hospital. We have been in communication with the family involved, starting with the immediate on-course treatment and thereafter to provide support, helping with the logistics of repatriation, including providing a transfer for the family from Paris to Lyon. We will continue to offer support for as long as necessary.”

Brooks Koepka
Brooks Koepka’s tee shot on the 6th hole at Le Golf National Friday injured a spectator, likely permanently.

“Ball strikes are an occasional hazard for spectators but this kind of incident is extremely rare. We can confirm that ‘fore’ was shouted several times but also appreciate how hard it can be to know when and where every ball is struck if you are in the crowd. We are hugely sympathetic and will do everything we can to support the spectator, insofar as that is possible under very difficult circumstances.”

According to the Telegraph, Remande remained adamant that she was not alerted of the incoming tee shot, and that afterward she was not in contact with organizers of the event. She plans to meet with lawyers Tuesday. We will update this story as more information is released.