Pro drops club in disgust, looks away, then makes wacky ace at Rocket Mortgage Classic

Mark Hubbard's reaction after the strike, and his reaction after making an ace, were oddly similar.

Golf Gods, please look away. Same for you, amateurs at home who have never made an ace. Mark Hubbard is not your friend today. 

Hubbard was playing from the second group out off the 1st tee at Detroit Golf Club Thursday at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. He was one under on his front nine, which doesn’t really amount to much considering the winning scores over the years have eclipsed 20 under par. 

The 11th hole at DGC is a long par-3, playing around 215 yards, with tall trees flanking each side. There’s an obvious entry to the green, with bunkers on each side. In other words, hit it straight, you should be fine. At the worst, you’ll have a long putt. Hit it crooked, that’s another story. 

Mark Bubbard laughs during golf tournament
PGA Tour pro Mark Hubbard is anti-LIV (with one small exception)
By: Tyler Zimmer

Hubbard must have thought he hit it crooked. 

The man who goes by the nickname Homeless Hubbs dropped his long iron immediately after impact as his ball soared straight to the hole. He let his hands flail to his side in disgust, and then stared down at the club as it lay on the ground. As the ball cleared its apex and started to return to the earth, he peeked up. 

“He’s not liking that one,” a broadcaster said live. “Anytime you see the club let go so early…” 

One bounce.

A second bounce and a third.

The ball had landed on the front of the green and made an absolute beeline for the hole, glancing the flagstick, circling around the edge of the cup and eventually falling down into it. 

“Not like this!” the broadcaster shouted. “Not like this!” 

Yes, like that. Exactly like that. 

Hubbard turned away from the action again, this time in awe instead of disgust. He put his hand on his mouth and stood there without saying a thing. Frankly, it’s the same feeling we all probably felt watching along from home. If karma is a real thing in the golf world, well, Hubbard has probably used up every good ounce of it remaining. Check out the footage of the wacky ace below.

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